Google Introduces AI-Powered SGE

Google Introduces AI-Powered SGE

Google's AI-Powered search with generative AI - Exploring Its Features and How It Works

Google has taken one step ahead in its AI journey as India and Japan have become the first countries outside the USA to receive the SGE update.

The tech giant is committed to AI technology and has taken another significant step towards integrating AI in every aspect of its portfolio.

With this technology, people using SGE will notice their search results page with familiar web results but organised in a new way that helps them get more from a single search.

How does SGE Work?

How does SGE Work?

SGE is part of Google’s latest update to make its search feature more interactive. This feature banks on the ability of AI to summarise large amounts of data in the Google search on all the devices- desktop, Android, iOS.

So, It will let users directly get answers to the queries in a conversational manner. As a result, it will make digging into the topics easier by suggesting relevant topics to simplify research.

Here is a brief look at the features this new update brings to the users

  • SGE-powered overviews where AI will show a snapshot to provide a quicker overview
  • Its "ask a follow up" option that offers an easier way to refine what they are looking for
  • Vertical experience for information journeys like shopping and travelling
  • The ability to create images for a fun and interactive experience.
  • Better user experience with a conversational approach.

New features - What to expect in SGE

New features - What to expect in SGE

Lets look at the highlighting features of SGE that have made it the latest AI feature already a hit among the users.


SGE has many noteworthy features, and one among them is highlights. Herein, it highlights certain words and shows pop-ups explaining the terms along with links as well as helpful follow-up prompts. Similarly, it also snippets for code-related answers. 

SGE while browsing

Perhaps the best feature that is currently only available to desktop users on Chrome and Android. It will allow the users to open a side panel that will list key points users can click on. It will also let them click on the generate button to get a summary.

Responsible Approach

The new AI generative model also keeps up with the promise of Google's preference for user safety as they promise to follow the same guidelines that protect them from harmful content.  Additionally, they will also be adding a feature where the user queries will be limited to ensure quality content.


Google continues to hold Ads significant as they will also be seen in the new generative model. However, now these ads will appear in the dedicated slots, the brand claims they will continue the same transparency in the Ads.

Content Focused

Providing quality content to the users remains the prime focus of the brand. And the new generative model will also be content-focused. The new SGE aims solely to highlight quality content to the users. Google plans to uphold quality content and send traffic to the sites sharing valuable content.

Geo Location-Based Feature

Google also has some features targeting only Indian users. Like - the option to switch to Hindi by tapping the language toggle button. They can also easily listen by clicking on the listen option. It also plans to make the microphone option functional to make it easier to ask follow-up questions.

Key points - What can people do differently with SGE?

Key points - What can people do differently with SGE?

  • Get answers to more complex and descriptive questions
  • Deeper insights by asking conversational follow-ups and using suggestions
  • Get started easily with drafts and imaging
  • Faster summaries and relevant results

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