Success in Business Comes With Training, Discipline & Hard Work

Current training programs fall short in preparing students for the IT industry, lacking practical knowledge and industry relevance.

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Bridging the Gap With Industry-Ready Training Programs

Many students encounter obstacles entering the IT Industry due to training misalignment with industry demands, resulting in time and financial investments that fall short. Challenges persist during live project engagement.

Talentelgia addresses this by developing training programs aligned with industry needs. Our goal is to empower students with the skills and confidence needed for a successful transition into the IT workforce.

LAMP Full Stack Training

Our LAMP Stack training provides simple and practical learning for aspiring developers. Gain hands-on experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP to excel in web development effortlessly.

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  • checkHTML5
  • checkCSS
  • checkDatabase Programming
  • checkAdvanced PHP
  • checkBasic PHP
  • checkAjax
  • checkString Handling
  • checkjQuery
  • checkLive Projects
  • checkHTML Editors
  • checkWeb Features
  • checkWamp Server
  • checkArrays & Loops
Ui/Ux Design

Our UX/UI Design training offers a hands-on approach to mastering design principles, prototyping, and user-centric methodologies.

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  • checkAdobe Photoshop
  • checkBasic JavaScript / jQuery
  • checkWireframing
  • checkPrototyping
  • checkHTML5
  • checkCSS
  • checkPHP Introduction
  • checkLive Projects
  • checkHTML Editors
  • checkAdobe Illustrator
  • checkAdobe XD
  • checkFigma
Android Development Training

Master app creation, UI/UX design, and Java/Kotlin programming to kick-start your career in Android development.

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  • checkCore Java
  • checkOOP's Concept
  • check3D Graphics
  • checkAdaptors
  • checkPrototyping
  • checkIntroduction of Android
  • checkMulti Touches
  • checkLive Projects
  • checkCreating Interface
  • checkSetting Android Intent
MEAN/MERN Stack Training

Gain expertise in MongoDB, Express.js, Angular/React, and Node.js through our comprehensive training for dynamic web application development.

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  • checkMongoDB
  • checkExpress.js / Express
  • checkReact.js / Angular
  • checkNode.js
  • checkWeb Features
  • checkLive Projects
  • checkBootstrap
  • checkHTML5
  • checkCSS3
  • checkNestJS
IOS Development Training

Enroll in our iOS Development Training to acquire the skills needed for creating powerful and user-friendly iOS applications.

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  • checkObjective-C
  • checkQuartz 2D
  • checkBasics of iPhone
  • checkMaps & Web View
  • checkiPhone SDK
  • checkWeb Services
  • checkiPhone Controls
  • checkXcode, Simulator
  • checkDatabase
  • checkInterface Builder
  • checkPlist, Core data
  • checkXML Parsing Camera
  • checkCore Location
  • checkXML Parsing Ph Lib
  • checkCore Animation
  • checkLive Projects
Discover our Corporate Training Programmes for both freshers and experienced professionals

Go deep into UI/UX, advanced JavaScript, MEAN/MERN stack, LAMP stack, SEO, QA, and more. Upon program completion, our placement cell identifies top-performing trainees for in-house recruitment. Other promising candidates receive robust support, including mock interviews, ensuring their readiness for job interviews in leading IT companies.

Talentelgia Technologies extends its network through collaborations with other IT firms, facilitating job interviews based on open vacancies. Improve your skills, secure opportunities, and embark on a successful career journey with our comprehensive and industry-aligned training initiatives.

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Duration Of Our Training Programmes

6 Weeks Training Programme

Freshers(MCA, B.Sc.IT, B.Tech.IT) & Experienced

Our six-week training program welcomes both newcomers and experienced individuals, offering a practical path to mastering technologies and advanced frameworks.

Participants explore a curriculum blending theory with hands-on projects, ensuring a solid understanding of industry-relevant skills. The program facilitates a smooth transition into the ever-evolving field of the IT Industry.

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3 Months Training Programme

Freshers, Experienced

Designed for both freshers and experienced candidates, our 3 months training program is a comprehensive exploration of career paths, covering SEO, UX/UI, ML, Automation, Blockchain, advanced JavaScript, and QA/testing. .

We prioritize a balanced approach, providing a thorough conceptual understanding of chosen technologies alongside practical assignments. This dual-focused strategy accelerates the learning curve, preparing participants for individual-level responsibilities in the IT Industry.

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6 Months Training Programme

MCA, B.Tech IT, B.Sc. / M.Sc. IT, Non-Technicals

They are tailored for IT, and non-technical individuals, our premier 6-month training program specializes in software development.

With a unique curriculum, this program is a holistic package for students aiming to become proficient full-stack PHP and JavaScript programmers. Emphasizing conceptual, logical, and interpretative skills, the course encourages active participation in live assignments, enabling students to leverage their acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios.

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Our Training Program Offers Exceptional Transformation for Career Advancement

100% Placement Assurance

Achieve job security with our commitment to securing placements for all our trained candidates, ensuring a successful start to your career journey.

Flexible Duration Program

Tailor your learning experience with our flexible duration programs, allowing you to balance your training with other commitments and progress at your preferred pace.

Cover All Aspects

Our programs comprehensively cover all aspects of the chosen technology, providing a holistic understanding and practical exposure for effective skill development.

Working on Live Projects

Enhance your practical skills by actively engaging in our training programs that offer hands-on experience through working on real-world, live projects.