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With our problem-solving approach at the core, our experienced project leaders meticulously oversee every aspect of the project, ensuring its timely delivery.

Our Core Team

Meet an exceptional team comprising technology advisors, growth facilitators, and proven subject matter experts.

Our core Team

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Shilpi Jain
Founder and CEO

The visionary founder of Talentelgia, a leader, mentored young entrepreneurs, elevating them to SMEs, and expanding services across the globe.

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Advait Upadhyay
Co-Founder and MD

With over 14 years of industry experience, Advait swiftly became our guiding light. He firmly believes in teamwork and brought in the motive of LEARN, DELIVER & GROW.

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Rohit Gupta
Director - Technology & Service Delivery

He's the driving force behind all tech aspects, guaranteeing excellent service delivery to satisfy clients.

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Manish Chopra
Director - Operations

A mentor who handles the operations and the processes ensuring discipline and optimizing activities for overall organizational effectiveness.

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Pallavi Ranjan
Director - Strategic Partnerships

Bringing experience and networking skills, preparing key business ties, and growth through clever partnerships and collaborative efforts globally.

Our Expert Gems

Meet our experts who ensure useful insights and success in navigating complex challenges. Collaborate with this team for innovative solutions.

Our Expert Gems

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Vikas Rana
Sr. Manager - .NET & Advanced Javascript

Heading tech integration, ensuring optimal performance and advanced functionality in .NET and Advanced Javascript applications.

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Neeti Sharma
Sr. Manager - HR

With outstanding social and professional skills, she oversees the entire HR team and creates an all-around caring workplace atmosphere.

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Sachin Bhatia
Manager - MERN & Open Source Technologies

A tech enthusiast, well-versed in the latest tech stacks, drives projects forward by enhancing standards and capabilities effectively.

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Pranav Kumar
Manager - UI/UX

With a keen eye for color and a commitment to brand identity, leading the design team to create user-friendly designs with pixel-perfect precision.

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Vikram Verma
Manager - Data Science & AI/ML

An adept data scientist proficient in data security, extraction, and insightful strategies, implementing AI/ML techniques for data analysis and decision-making.

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Saunak Saha
Manager - .NET & Advanced Javascript

Bring exceptional tech skills, contributing expertise for top-notch performance in .NET and Advanced Javascript development.

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Gaurav Verma
Manager - Blockchain

An expert who handles security, decentralized application development, and pioneering solutions in blockchain technology, including smart contracts.

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Sania Mohan
Manager - QA

With close attention handles testing for bug-free project delivery with paying close attention to automation techniques for enhanced efficiency.

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Pranjal Sharma
Manager - Marketing

He serves as the Marketing Head at Talentelgia, overseeing and directing all marketing aspects for the company and its clients.

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