Effective Remote Working: The New Normal
Working from home is awesome for many modern professionals every once in a while which feels to be a luxury to every employee. Though working from home has become a new normal... read more

Are you Suffering from Technophobia?
Technophobia or Technophilia? Yes, you heard it right- TECHNOPHOBIA, a state where people start aversing from technology and its continuous evolvement at a faster pace.... read more

Top Software Testing Tools
The demand for delivering quality software faster or “Quality at Speed” requires organizations to search for various techniques such as Agile... read more

Developing PWAs with Angular JS
For quite a while we have been noticing a huge interest in Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and has gained a lot of momentum in the front-end... read more

Mobile application development is driven by advancements in technology which has drastically increased the usage of mobile phones and... read more

Why Native Apps are better than Hybrid?
Nowadays there’s a mobile app for almost everything from dating, ride sharing, music, currency rates and news, weather forecast etc. ... read more
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