Get Ready to Cut Down the Time to Market with Ruby on Rails Rapid App Development

Get Ready to Cut Down the Time to Market with Ruby on Rails Rapid App Development

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Ruby on Rails is a powerful tech stack that has retained its place in the industry for over a decade. 

Although it is a comparatively new contender to its counterparts like mean and mern stack, it has garnered a significant user base in no time.

It offers countless benefits like - scalability, low learning cost, and an outsourcing framework. Today we will focus on what makes ROR the right choice for Rapid development. Let's start by defining rapid development and its benefits.

What is Rapid App Development?

Reducing the time to market the product without compromising the quality remains a challenge in product development today.

This explains the demand for Rapid App development as it gives the flexibility to introduce and implement the changes without affecting the final product. It focuses on prototyping and incorporating iterations without adhering to rigid plans.  

This means you spend less time planning and more on product development, making the product launch faster by emphasizing prototyping, testing, and refining.  The RAD model consists of phases that ensure high efficiency and quality products. 

  • Business modeling is where we identify the flow of information between business functions.
  • Data modeling is where we use the data from the first phase. It defines data objects for business functions.
  • Process modeling is when we use defined objects to achieve information flow for CRUD - create, read, update, and delete.
  • Application generation is where the actual development process starts to create a prototype.
  • Testing of the prototype independently in every cycle.

Benefits of Rapid App Development 

While developers prefer RAD over the other modules for its ability to deliver faster products, it also brings other perks. These benefits both the entrepreneurs and the developers, assuring high-quality end products. We have briefly discussed some benefits of RAD below:

Faster deliver

Perhaps the most appreciated and evident benefit of rapid development, it lets you develop a prototype quickly without spending much time planning and strategizing. ROR follows iterative development, making products more efficient. Moreover, it also adds more flexibility to your project by making modifications easy without affecting the working of the final product.


Product development in Rapid app development is very flexible, making changes and experimenting easier. The developers can use this malleable form by testing the new ideas early through prototyping and iteration. 

This also simplifies changes and brainstorming ideas for a better product that meets the market and the user's needs.

Continuous Integration

Since the changes are integrated and tested at every stage of product development, this also decreases integration issues. It facilitates quick reviews at the initial stages and simplifies incorporating feedback at every easy.

It saves time and decreases the chances of errors that usually come to light in later stages.

Easy Feedbacks

Since the RAD model is very flexible and receptive to changes and every step, making it is easier to seek feedback and act on it at every phase. You can involve the client and the users at any stage to keep your focus on user experience and deliver a product that fits users and the market needs.

Concrete progress

When working on the RAD model, you can make the changes quickly, and they will be immediately visible to all the team members or your take holders. Moreover, you do not have to spend time planning the implementation and integration of the changes with your final product. They will immediately be applied and integrated, making them instantly visible.

Rapid Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails has gained popularity for faster web development and its flexibility. It also has huge potential and is known for its ability to cater to the requirements of both simple and robust web applications.

Ruby is built for rapid app development for businesses that want to cut short the time to market without compromising on quality or exceeding the budget. Below are other factors that make ruby the perfect choice for Rapid web app development.


Ruby offers a cost-effective way to speed up development without exceeding the budget. It is an open-source platform that suits ventures at all levels. Moreover, its gems are another added benefit that saves time and effort, making development easy.


Ruby on rails is perfect for rapid app development. It also lets the development smoothly integrate 3rs party libraries. This also increases product development speed and productivity.


Ruby on Rails is known for its simple and beautiful syntax. It is easier to learn and also makes the development process comparatively easier. Its simplicity and openness to Rapid app development considerably reduce development time, making it the best choice for web app development in the competition-driven world.


Consistency is another attribute that makes Ruby the first pick of developers. ROR development mandates following standard rules for file storage and programming. This offers consistency, saving a lot of time.

Easy Maintenace

Even after the delivery and launch of the final code, maintenance and updates can take a lot of time. Ruby is stable and predictable, making modifying the code and applying updates easy. It also cuts down the time you have to spend on app maintenance!

When Should You Use RAD?

Rapid App Development is the perfect choice for enterprises at all levels. It makes product development faster, more efficient, and more flexible through continuous iterations and integrations. Although more and more businesses are now taking up RAD, it is an ideal choice in the below situation:

  • Market/client demands quick delivery
  • Constant feedback is available
  • Your team is ready to work on continuous prototyping
  • The availability of the qualified professionals

Concluding Words

The tough competition in the market requires increased efficiency and productivity to get an edge over the competitors. This also explains the demand for Rapid app development for a flexible work model that makes applying changes easier and less time-consuming.

Ruby offers simplicity and stability, making it the best perfect pick for rapid app development.

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