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Build Dedicated Offshore Team in India

Did you know? More companies are turning to India for affordable and reliable outsourcing. With changing economic landscapes and evolving IT needs, India has become the favored destination for businesses around the world.

So, why India? It’s not just about cost savings; it’s about finding a dependable partner. India offers a skilled workforce and tech expertise that align with the global business landscape. In this blog, we simplify the process of setting up your offshore team in India, showcasing the countless opportunities that make it the ultimate choice for your outsourcing needs. Ready to tap into the potential? 

Let us explore the key steps to build an offshore development team in India. Before that let us understand why should a business consider opting for offshore development teams.

Why Should You Set up a Dedicated Offshore Development Team?

Why Should You Set up a Dedicated Offshore Development Team?

Opting for an offshore improvement center (ODC) makes sense while you’re seeking a cost-effective answer outside your private home in the United States of America. India, with its low cost of living, stands out as a broadly favored vacation spot for offshore development.

According to a recent study, India takes the lead based on capabilities, economic viability, and developer availability, scoring 7.707 on a scale of 10.

With its drastically low cost of living, India has established itself as a leader among the top alternatives for organizations seeking to establish offshore development operations.

With its extensively low cost of living, India has established itself among the top options for agencies seeking to establish offshore development teams.

As businesses struggle for cost-effective dependable IT solutions, the demand for offshore development teams has increased as compared to in-house options. This is not just a response to the market trends; it’s a strategic step to stay at par with the evolving marketplace dynamics. 

Amid this landscape, India has etched its name as a preferred vacation spot for companies looking for ward to build an offshore development team.

Let us have a look at the table below to understand what makes offshore development different than the in-house model of working.

Overcoming Challenges in Offshore Development

When it comes to building an offshore development team in India, challenges may arise that require innovative solutions. Successfully addressing these hurdles involves strategic planning, effective verbal exchange, and a dedication to fostering a collaborative offshore development environment. Here’s a complete list of key elements:

Cultural and Communication Hurdles

Working across diverse cultures demands careful communication management.

Embrace adaptability, acknowledging differences, and fostering open channels of communication. Invest in personal connections to bridge cultural gaps.

Quality of Talent

Identifying skilled developers amid a sea of junior resources.

Personally interview developers to ensure their capabilities. Establish relationships with smaller firms, avoiding consulting agencies that may dilute talent quality.

Business Context Understanding

Developers often lack a deep understanding of the business context, leading to disconnected code development.

Arrange for comprehensive training sessions, including cross-country visits. Encourage questions and invest in creating a shared ‘we’ culture.

Maintainability Issues

Quick delivery pressures may compromise the quality and maintainability of code.

Instill a focus on understanding the big picture before code development. Prioritize code quality over rapid feature delivery.

Reward System Impact

Quick delivery is often prioritized over long-term maintainability.

Align the reward system with a focus on code quality and long-term sustainability. Encourage a holistic approach to feature acceptance.

Time Zone and Language Barriers

Time zone differences and language barriers hinder effective communication and understanding. So, employ fluent intermediaries who can bridge language gaps and foster real-time communication. Consider unconventional schedules for key roles.

Steps to Hire Your Offshore Development Team in India

Steps to Hire Your Offshore Development Team in India

Remote work calls for meticulous planning and coordination. Implement sturdy venture control equipment, outline clear roles and duties, and establish preferences for informed and aligned decisions at each level, follow these steps to build your dedicated offshore team in India.

Define Your Business Goals

Be clear about the projects you want to outsource. Whether it’s the entire project or specific tasks, understanding your objectives is crucial. Determine if you’re starting a project from scratch or seeking a dedicated developer for a specific skill set.

Establish a Non-disclosure Agreement

Craft a strict policy, including a non-disclosure agreement. Clearly outline details that should remain confidential. Both your team and the offshore developers must have a mutual understanding before signing the agreement.

Provide Detailed Specifications

Before finalizing agreements, furnish remote developers with comprehensive specifications and set deadlines. Aim for thoroughness while allowing room for creativity. Communication and transparency are vital for outsourcing app development, utilizing tools like Jira and Trello to maintain constant contact.


Create a checklist to assess project progress weekly and monthly. Follow-up isn’t just about providing feedback; it’s also about recognizing good performance and identifying and overcoming obstacles. Online tools like Freedcamp can aid in tracking daily tasks and reviewing progress.

Benefits of Establishing an Offshore Development Team in India

A dedicated team offshore team in India can drastically lower overhead costs while relying on dependable members to complete projects based on your business needs. However, an essential component of selecting an offshore team is ensuring they can justify the qualifications and skills your company needs. 

Focus on Core Business Activities

Hiring a dedicated development team in India allows you to offload the risks of managing product development independently. This strategic move enables you to concentrate on critical business aspects like marketing, branding, promotions, finance, and operations, fostering overall business growth.

Cost-Effective Operations

Opting for a dedicated development team translates to substantial cost savings. With ready-to-use infrastructure, you can sidestep office expenses, hiring costs, training expenses, and legal obligations, significantly reducing overall production costs and providing a budget-friendly approach.

Access to Diverse Skills

A dedicated team offers access to a broad spectrum of skills without the need for full-time hires. For projects requiring specialized skills, hiring dedicated developers ensures tapping into extensive knowledge, expertise, and diverse solutions without the burden of managing permanent employees.

Risk Mitigation

Experienced dedicated development teams manage risks associated with transitions and operations. By entrusting your project to professionals, you eliminate the need to navigate unfamiliar territory yourself, ensuring a risk-free outcome.

Guaranteed Results and Productivity

Dedicated teams follow best practices, ensuring improved productivity and proven project outcomes. With a team well-versed in similar projects, you gain confidence in the success of your endeavor right from the project’s inception.

Flexibility in Resource Utilization

Enjoy the flexibility to scale resources based on project needs. Tailor your team with the right mix of designers, developers, product managers, QA, and more, adapting resource allocation to different phases of product development.

Proactive Support

A dedicated team provides proactive support, enhancing performance and minimizing downtime. By identifying and addressing issues in advance, the team ensures your system stays operational and efficient. Additionally, you can seek expert advice on various aspects like content management, SEO, and search marketing.


An offshore dedicated team is a fantastic option for businesses to reduce costs while minimizing the daily onboarding management, setting wages, and scouting. We have given you a brief look at what the process of building a dedicated offshore team in India looks like. It presents a great option to create a team capable of a complete end-to-end development process.

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