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MERN Stack Development Services

This technology stack consists of the best technologies that bring forth the desired results. This also makes it a good fit for SAAS applications where you need fluid UI and UX. Further, the presence of Node js for the server cuts down the development time.

Talentelgia technologies strives to transform businesses for the better with the use of the latest technologies. So, we also have a team of skilled developers that can help you with MERN Stack Development.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is a cluster of top-notch technologies in the software world. You can rely on it for high speed, interactive design as well as handling traffic, making it the best choice for small to mid and big level enterprises. The constituting technologies of this stack include:

Mongo DB

It is a database and does not use SQL, helping in building applications that are secure and efficient.

Express JS

It constitutes the backend of this technology stack and ensures the flawless functioning of your web application.

React JS

React is an open-source library that helps in building an interactive UI that is liked by the users.

Node JS

It speeds up the development process and is the ideal choice for robust and heavy-traffic websites.

Why Choose us

With years of experience by our side, we develop websites that attract an audience and also perform well on google metrics. Our MERN Stack developers are skilled at handling both the backend and the front-end processes for a smooth development process.

We provide both MERN stack web app development as well as MERN stack mobile app development services. All you have to do is share your requirements with us and we will start working on them right away. Some perks that you get as someone associated with us include:

Timely Delivery

Work with our developers so that you do not have to keep guessing about the delivery of your projects. Our team follows a professional approach and keeps you updated with the progress of the project at every step for the smooth completion of the software development process.

Around the clock support

We believe in being there for the customers. So, our services do not end with product delivery. Even after that, we give extended support to the customers by offering 24*7 technical support.

Affordable prices

We ensure you can keep all your worries aside by offering top-notch services but also make sure that these fit your budget. We give you flexible plans at prices that fit your budget.


Multiplatform approach

We follow a comprehensive approach, as our developers can help you establish on all the platforms. So, whether you want a web app or a mobile app, we can help you with all your software needs. Not only this, but we can also help you with content marketing, automation, and web designing services.

    Why MERNStack?

    • Its library integrated from Facebook makes UX designing easy for the developers
    • Node and React make it a perfect fit for high-performing apps.
    • Perfect for high traffic and appealing designs, offering higher conversions.
    • The use of Node Js on the server end also cuts down on the time it takes.
    about this service

    MERN Stack Development Services that Deliver Both Performance & Assurance

    MERN Stack offers a blend of security, performance, and appeal, making it the perfect technology stack for entrepreneurs. Talentelgia Technologies understands the importance of flawless MERN stack development services. Our developers are proficient in REST APIs and can handle both the front end and the backend. They also have in-depth knowledge of HTML/CSS/CSS-in-JS for delivering high-quality design while their expertise in Git Repository and Jira helps them deliver a clean code. Moreover, they can also help you with the Integration of data storage solutions, making us a one-stop solution for all your needs.

    Our Process

    Know about our Winning Methodology

    Agile Development Process - In a world where technology is evolving like never before, it is important to choose the best practices for desired results.

    Discussion & Brainstorming

    1. Discussion & Brainstorming

    Before we begin working on the project, discussing it with the team members and the clients makes it easy to envision what we are trying to achieve.

    Strategy and Prototyping

    2. Strategy and Prototyping

    Once we have a clear idea about what we are trying to achieve, the next step is to involve the team.

    UI/UX Designing

    3. UI/UX Designing

    In this step, the actual work of the designers starts. You will see all the pages of your app/website for the first time here.


    4. Implementation

    Now the developers will take over and make all the buttons and the features functional. It is in this phase when the major part of the work is done.


    5. Sprints

    Usually, a lot is happening in the implementation stage, also known as the development phase. So achieving targets in iterations makes the work easier.

    Final Quality Testing

    6. Final Quality Testing

    Testing is repeatedly done at different levels throughout the development process, leaving lesser room for bugs or errors.

    Launch & Maintenance support

    Launch & Maintenance support

    After the product passes rigorous testing and you are sure it is exactly what you envisioned, it is ready to be launched.

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