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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is said to be ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ on the entire software development lifecycle. As no real-world software is 100% free of bugs and issues, it has become very important for developers to test thoroughly and fix the issues. Quality assurance is that process of determining whether a product or a service meets the specified requirements or not.

A software defect found post production costs much more than a defect found during its design stage. So the QA engineers are responsible for:

  • Identifying weaknesses and inconsistencies at all product stages
  • Help define the specific project requirements
  • Provide comprehensive information about the level of quality of the product
  • Test the product during all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Likewise our Quality Assurance Team provides an entire process of testing services of business applications for desktops, smart phones, tabs etc by inculcating our best practices throughout our client’s software development process.

The methodologies/models followed as per the software development life cycle are:

Waterfall style testing

Testing done through waterfall style is done in a linear process. It means that the next phase begins only when the earlier phase is completed.
Research—Design tests—Execute tests—Analyze results—Report results

Iterative style testing

The iterative style testing is successful on projects where the software’s are developed on pre-planned and predictive increments. The whole project is divided into small parts which are subject to multiple iterations.

Agile style testing

We follow AGILE methodology for testing of various projects with continuous integration between developments and testing. This methodology demands high customer involvement and tests the code as early as possible at small intervals. We have a team that keeps you updated during the product development process.

We plan tests using various testing tools such as Bug Zone, PMS (Project Management System) on numerous carriers to figure out the app’s compatibility in the computing world. Talentelgia Technologies offers best quality assurance services in a number of domains such as:

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Software Solutions
  • Retail Software Testing
  • Media & Entertainment Software Testing
  • E-commerce Software Solutions

Hire our highly trained and focused software quality assurance testing team you can fully trust upon and accomplish your goals with satisfaction.

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