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Employ engaging content to get more conversions

When we talk of content marketing, it basically means focusing mainly on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. SEO friendly content is generated which enables a webpage to rank high in the web searches.


Talentelgia conducts SEO of customer websites in following two manners – On-Page and Off-Page.
With the on-page SEO you have full control over the results whereas with off-page SEO you do not i.e. because factors of off-page SEO rely on the behavior of others.

  • As content is the present and future of marketing, our expert writers develop content based out of proper research which engages the user and holds the interest of the audience throughout.
  • Strategies are planned accordingly depending upon the organic reach of the customers.
  • Once the proper research is done and strategies are made, content is created keeping in mind the demand of the client.
  • The final content is delivered to the client that grabs its possible targeted audience as soon as it goes viral.
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Our advanced keyword research will help you rank easily

Content rules the digital world, making it important to undertake appropriate content strategies. We have a team of experts who create engaging and SEO friendly content along with video marketing that connects to your audience, performs good on search engines and drives more conversions. Work with our experts if you want your brand to be associated with intriguing content on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and your company website.

Our Process

Know about our Winning Methodology

Agile Development Process - In a world where technology is evolving like never before, it is important to choose the best practices for desired results.

Discussion & Brainstorming

1. Discussion & Brainstorming

Before we begin working on the project, discussing it with the team members and the clients makes it easy to envision what we are trying to achieve.

Strategy and Prototyping

2. Strategy and Prototyping

Once we have a clear idea about what we are trying to achieve, the next step is to involve the team.

UI/UX Designing

3. UI/UX Designing

In this step, the actual work of the designers starts. You will see all the pages of your app/website for the first time here.


4. Implementation

Now the developers will take over and make all the buttons and the features functional. It is in this phase when the major part of the work is done.


5. Sprints

Usually, a lot is happening in the implementation stage, also known as the development phase. So achieving targets in iterations makes the work easier.

Final Quality Testing

6. Final Quality Testing

Testing is repeatedly done at different levels throughout the development process, leaving lesser room for bugs or errors.

Launch & Maintenance support

Launch & Maintenance support

After the product passes rigorous testing and you are sure it is exactly what you envisioned, it is ready to be launched.

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