“Geared towards individual commitment to a
group effort- Teamwork!”

Shilpi Jain

Managing Director

Shilpi Jain is one of the two directors at Talentelgia Technologies Private Limited. She is serving the company as its director since April 2012 and since then she has made the company serve over 300 small to medium scale enterprises and individual customers based in 20+ countries across the world.
Before starting Talentelgia Technologies, Shilpi Jain has worked with young entrepreneurs and start up companies to help them grow up to SME level and made them serve enterprise level clients under their roof by developing their portfolio of services in certain niche.
When she identified a potential gap between the industry demand and availability of capable talent and custom solutions in the market, she decided to set up her own IT services company where at one side, she offered platform to many youngsters to learn and practice full stack software development in various technologies and on the other side, she extended Talentelgia’s offerings to its global clients by delivering them turn key software solutions in industries such as FinTech, healthcare, SAAS, business automation, CRM, customised e-commerce, business intelligence, machine learning etc.

Advait Upadhyay

Managing Director

Advait Upadhyay is the second director of Talentelgia Technologies Private Limited. He joined the company as the director in January 2013. Advait has an industry experience of around 14 years and has worked closely with the core team members to develop the think tank in the company that has helped the company to undergo a regular brainstorming, conducting R&D n different subjects (technologies and business domains). With his vision to do something new and challenging, he has always made Talentelgia adapt to many new technologies introduced over last few years and hence is the result that Talentelgia has become a preferred choice of overseas clients for custom software development be it web or mobile based.
Advait has firm belief in team efforts and he works on the philosophy of “one team – one goal.” With this vision, he has formed a group named ABHYUDAYA. Abhyudaya is the blood running in the veins of Talentelgia which keeps it alive, recharged and innovative all the time.

We as a team have gathered here with a mindset of growth and transformation in every sphere of life. The policy of work-life balance is what our company abides by. Our vision and mission are the foremost principles to which our team members adhere to at each and every step; keeping up with the expectations of our clients. With appropriate planning and plotting, we are bound to deliver our solutions to the customers as per the expected deadlines. We have delivered more than 300 successful mid to large scale projects in domains like business intelligence, e-commerce, SAAS/CRM, business automation, native apps, clinical research, real estate solutions to our global customers mainly based in North America, Pan Pacific, European Union, and Gulf countries..

A team above all- Leaving nothing behind!

Rohit Gupta

Project Manager

Vijay Sandhu

Project Manager

Pallavi Ranjan

Human Resource Manager

Pranav Thakur


Sachin Bhatia


Mohit Shukla


Sahil Dhiman

SR. Mobile Developer

Baljeet Bhinder


Navneet Sharma

TL Digital Marketing

Gurbachan Singh


Amaltas Singh

Business Development Manager

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