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Relativity loan Search Engine

Very happy to have worked with Talentelgia Technologies. Quality output and very organized code! Would love to work with them again.

Ray Chen

Hikster App

Easy to communicate with. Fluent english. Quality work in link with the specifications. Gave them an other job afterward.



Talentelgia Technologies is exactly the team of developers we needed for a very difficult project that needed to be completed. They demonstrated unmatched professionalism, adherence to tasks, amazing insight, clear communication and a strong dedication to getting our project done in a positive way. They set the bars very high and is a huge asset to our team. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this awesome developer.

Peter Rudloff

Document Management System

“Thank you Talentelgia Technologies for your excellent coperation for this. Requirements were fulfilled with good quality work. I looked through the code myself and was happy with what I saw – simple and followed exactly what I needed. I was updated with weekly reports and answered any questions I had. They made it very easy to work with them – any confusion was cleared up via document or a call on Skype. Good english speaking and writing skills. I highly recommend Talentelgia Technologies, I will definitely continue to be using their services to expand this project and other projects.”

Mason Lawand


“Talentelgia Technologies has been a reliable resource who worked well on our project and helped to move it forward. We appreciated their efforts and look forward to working with them again in the future if the need arises.”

Shelley Talbot


Excellent experience and will be hiring this contractor again!

Arash Tadayon


Talentelgia Technologies has been an absolute professional and responsive from the inception of the project to the beta launch. They were responsive, courteous, and was able to implement my vision of the project in a timely manner. As a whole, Talentelgia helped me to develop this project and take it to beta launch. Because of their team approach, I will be working further with them on ad hoc maintenance and future upgrades of the application.

Robert Kwan


Team Talentelgia has done an amazing job on my website. We have worked together for the past year now and I have changed the direction of the website many times. Not only has he been able to change direction with me but has been able to develop a fantastic website that I am really happy with. They pushed the boundaries with my website and never turned down an idea that I had. Together we have built a fully functional marketplace with great UX.I was finding myself working with a company of professionals. They have communicated with me every day and were able to help in urgent situations.I will continue to use them because I honestly don’t think there are better developers than them.

Luke Eshuys

Smokenders (SEME)

Talentelgia Technologies did a great job on my project It was a complex and long project but they delivered on all my requirements. What stood out was their reliability and their excellent communication skills. They proactively kept me updated on all aspects of the project and was available to chat whenever I required.

Christine Kunn

SRX : Pharmacy Ordering System

It was a pleasure to work with Talentelgia team. They had the necessary programming and communication skills. Will work with them again

Moshe Morgenstern


Talentelgia Technologies assembled a team of developers to tackle this pretty big project I had came up with that included a website and an app that are completely intergrated. They were able to listen to my idea and correctly create a platform almost exactly how described it to them. I would highly recommend team Talentelgia to anyone looking for a skilled developer who is able to create a team to accomplish the project you have.

Diesel Nava


Talentelgia Technologies has a team of is skilled and friendly developers. They immediately grasped the concept of my needs and worked hard and efficiently to produce a final product. The tight schedule originally agreed upon did push out somewhat, however, this was balanced by the team’s willingness to be patient and extremely helpful with a technical layman like me.Talentelgia proved themselves to be trustworthy and honest, which are essential character traits for working with offshore developers. I enjoyed working with them and am proud of the product we created together.

Anthony Gerber

Post Shop Save (PSS)

Talentelgia Technologies is a pleasure to work with. Our team has been working with them for over a year. The platform we are building is extremely complex, and Talentelgia has handled all tasks with great ease and always met our timelines. I can’t say enough how great an asset Talentelgia is for any client! We plan on working with Talentelgia again in the next month or so. We value their input/work more than you typically would a contractor from upwork, we consider them as technology partner of our company. Don’t hesitate to hire them, I doubt you will find a better developer on upwork.

Dave Watkins – USA
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