Manual Testing Services

Technology is rapidly evolving and is taking over all fields. But human intelligence remains unmatched.

That is why no matter how efficient automated services are, hiring manual QA testing services is essential as it gives raw feedback on how real users will interact with the final product. The quality assurance team at Talentelgia Technologies acknowledges this, so we offer manual testing services to ensure there is no room for bugs and errors in your product.

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Our Manual Software Testing Services

Function Testing

We test that all the features of your software product are working effectively and bring any errors to your notice to fix them.

User Acceptance Checking

It checks that your software is devoid of any bugs or errors and is ready to be released by checking it in all environments.

Black Box Testing

This type of testing facilitates the evaluation of functionalities. The tester only checks from the user endpoint without looking at the code.

White-box testing

In white box testing, the quality analysts look at your code to test the backend responsible for the working of your application.

Usability Testing

Our team will check how easily the users can use and navigate through your software application using the right strategies. 

Exploratory Testing

It helps to bring any hidden, not covered in the scope of testing. We explore the working of your application without any pre-set requirements to detect issues.

Integration Testing

Along with the smooth development of all the components, their compatibility with each other is also eminent. So we ensure the compatibility of all the modules and cross-check them for flawless results.

Regression Testing

Regression testing checks that your code can not be broken down by checking the working when adding new features.

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Software production does not end with development or launch and includes rigorous testing. That is why it is essential to hire a quality assurance team to test for GUI and how the users are likely to interact with the final product. Our experts can assist you with all types of testing services. 
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Why Hire Our Manual Testing Company


Automation services considerably cut down the workload on your team. But sometimes they can be too costly. Manual testing services are a less expensive alternative.


With manual testing, you can conveniently divide the process into units that suit you and your team.

GUI testing

It is a better option for GUI testing as testing the visual appeal is difficult to automate.


Manual testing is more human-centric as the testers can look at the software and suggest changes from a human perspective, something that wouldn’t be feasible with automation.

Latest tools

We use the latest testing tools and strategies that bring more efficiency and better results.


We also send regular updates at every stage by sending you a detailed report of the errors that need your attention.

Our Process

The quality assurance team at Talentelgia Technologies offers manual testing services that guarantee perfection. We cover all the aspects of Manual testing that start with developing a testing strategy, designing, fixing, reporting, and retesting. We follow the best manual testing strategies that guarantee a final product with no bugs or errors.

Before we begin working on the project, discussing it with the team members and the clients makes it easy to envision what we are trying to achieve. Here we do intense brainstorming and select our resources in a way that makes the goals achievable.
Building features that actually make a difference
Letting employees take active ownership over their work
No burn-out from back-breaking work

Communicate Strong relationships are built on communication.

Once we have a clear idea about what we are trying to achieve, the next step is to involve the team. They share their views and the expected course of action, in turn, giving us a better idea about the turnaround time and deliverability. The design team involved will also share the prototypes and their approval will make way for the next steps.
Letting everyone hold the mic
Honest, open communication
Even about the hard things

People first, profits later Building an environment people like working in.

In this step, the actual work of the designers starts. You will see all the pages of your app/website for the first time here. The output here will be the more refined version of the prototypes. It gives designers the freedom to do their magic and provide a user-friendly UX design for maximum conversions.
Unlimited paid leaves
Health insurance for all
Flexible work hours

Stay fresh Take action. Do unique, fun things.

Now the developers will take over and make all the buttons and the features functional. It is in this phase when the major part of the work is done. So we ensure coordination between everyone - the designers, client and developers so that product meets all the requirements.
Try new things
Even if that means failing a bit
Get to execution faster

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

Usually, a lot is happening in the implementation stage, also known as the development phase. So achieving targets in iterations makes the work easier. We divide the work into easy phases for increased accuracy as well as efficiency. Moreover, we also split the tasks among the various team to work simultaneously on more than one task and speed up the development process.
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

Testing is repeatedly done at different levels throughout the development process, leaving lesser room for bugs or errors. However, when all the codes are put together, the product is again tested in various aspects and environments for perfection.
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

After the product passes rigorous testing and you are sure it is exactly what you envisioned, it is ready to be launched. This is done at different levels. You may choose to make the product available first to local/national and eventually to global users. But hey! We aren’t going to leave you alone even after we launch the product. We provide technical support, whenever you need it!
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations

Benefits of Manual Testing Services

There will be an increased demand for software development on all fronts. The full stack process is an all-in-one package that provides holistic solutions. 
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You can increase or decrease the scope of Manual testing services to suit your budget depending on your requirements.


Manual testing services are more flexible than automated testing, where the tests operate on the pre-set requirements.

Enhanced user experience

Manual testing services give the freedom to go beyond and pre-set requirements to find any hidden bugs or errors.

Test cases

Manual testing services can fit the requirements of both UI and short-term test cases that can run once or twice.

Can handle complex features

Manual testing is the right choice for complex features that require human intelligence to test from the user's point of view.

Real-time testing

Manual testing makes it possible to work on the minute test in real time without spending time on documenting, reporting, and retesting. So it saves a lot of time.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Why Do You Need Manual Testing Services?

Automation is the new vogue in the software world. But manual testing offers more flexibility and real-time feedback about how the users see and use your product. This makes looking for a manual software testing company essential.

The quality assurance team at Talentelgia technologies consists of trained professionals committed to perfection, making us one of the best companies for manual testing.

What is the Manual testing process?

Manual testing is a comprehensive process that consists of intricately planned phases. Although these may vary as per project, the steps in manual testing services are:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Strategy creation
  • Test execution
  • Bug reporting
  • Retesting
What is better - Manual or Automatic testing?

Both manual and automatic testing comes with their pros and cons. Automated testing is fast, less time-taking, and a more dependable solution for a huge workload.Manual testing is slower. But is more budget-friendly and is the perfect fit for real-time testing for small, complex tasks.

Are manual testing services essential?

Yes. Testing services ensure a perfectly functioning software product without any bugs or errors. They bring the bugs and errors to your notice before the product has been launched in the market, saving you time and money. However, hire reputable quality assurance services to pick the testing service you need.

How do quality analysts perform software testing?

Software testing is a comprehensive process consisting of elaborate steps. It starts with analyzing the requirements to create a test, writing test cases, and executing the test to detect bugs or errors. These are then fixed and tested again for maximum accuracy.

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