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Talentelgia Technologies is a leading PHP web application development company with a team of expert professionals having hands-on experience in custom PHP web development that easily meets the unique business goals of our clients.
Still being an open source technology and a secure development model with inbuilt testing tools, PHP offers various frameworks and latest development approaches. Our company delivers the most comprehensive PHP web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

PHP development services at Talentelgia

Talentelgia Technologies has adopted an AGILE development methodology with TDD (test driven development) and API centric development approach. Our experts strive to develop tailor-made PHP web development services to deliver reliable websites, flexible web applications and offer more features and functionalities to the customers. Every software that we develop at Talentelgia is in the form of a web service where our development & QA team writes manual or automated PHP unit test cases for optimal and flawless functioning. This helps us in delivering cost-effective, flexible, secure and cross-compatible optimized web applications.

Use of Model View Controller (MVC)

Using modern tools and best coding practices, our team has successfully accomplished challenging PHP projects of varying complexity for clients across the globe – sales CRM, business automation, SAAS based ERP portals, clinical research and study trial assessment portals, social media aggregation and analytical portals, data intelligence portals, financial and trading applications etc are some of the challenging applications that we have developed and delivered.

We work on a number of PHP frameworks such as:

  • Laravel 5.6

    LARAVEL is the most popular open-source PHP framework designed for building web applications with an expressive and elegant syntax. It aims to make the development process much easier by simplifying the common tasks used in the projects such as authentication, routing, caching etc.

  • YII 2.0

    YII as a framework is easy to install, highly extensible and uses modern technologies. It is a pure Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) framework and requires PHP 5.4+ and a web server as its major requirements.

  • Cake PHP 3.6

    Apart from being flexible and faster, Cake PHP is compatible with the different versions of PHP and follows the MVC framework.

  • Code Igniter 3.0

    This framework simplifies the PHP code and develops a fully interactive and dynamic website in a shorter span of time.

  • ZF 2.4

    ZF framework provides extensible and reusable code that can be shared among different applications licensed under the new BSD License.

We use Apache and Nginx web servers to deploy our web applications and databases such as Mongo DB, My SQL, PostgreSQL etc to develop optimized and world-class applications.
Our expert PHP programmers analyze business verticals and core requirements accurately.
If you have any challenging project which requires a lot of custom development, a carefully conducted requirement analysis and high end database skills, then discuss your detailed project requirements with our senior system architects, business analysts, open source programmers and DBAs to get the most appropriate software and business consultancy. Our team of experts will guide you and help you with the world class software development which is fully secure, optimised and easily scalable in future.

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