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IOS App Development

Earlier, web presence of any business was considered as a milestone in the success of that business. But now days, the trend has changed as many users now use internet “on the go” through their mobile devices. In such cases, the need of business mobile apps has boomed a lot. Almost every business has an online presence now days and they also prefer of having separate mobile apps for their businesses. Users rely more on their mobile phones than carrying a laptop to stay connected to the internet on the go. That’s how the trend of mobile apps development has boomed a lot.
Do you know that 41.6% of the smart phone platform market share is of Apple iOS users and 23% of total online sales are through iOS devices?

At Talentelgia, we have a team of experienced iOS programmers who are expert in Swift 4.0, Xcode 8,9 and 10, Objective C, Core data, SQLite,  Cocoa Tough framework, Firebase, third party APIs integrations etc. The architecture that we follow to develop native iOS app are MVC, MVVM and MVP. We develop platform-oriented applications using the advanced iOS technologies to give the best look and feel to your custom business requirements.

Working on the latest tools and technologies, we ensure exceptional functionality applications to our clients. We involve our clients at every step of development in order to avoid errors and keep full transparency throughout the process.

  • Enterprise iPhone application
  • M-Commerce application development
  • Artificial intelligence based iPhone apps
  • OCR based iPhone apps
  • Taxation based iOS apps
  • Auto inspection and survey based native iOS apps
  • Fitness tracking based iOS apps
  • Apps testing/portability
  • iPhone game development
  • 2D gaming
  • Social / professional networking and dating apps
  • Custom CRM and business automation iPhone and iPad apps
  • Calendar based scheduling apps
  • GPS enabled apps
  • Google maps and Apple maps based apps
  • Real-time chatting and databases
  • Amazon web services based apps

We aim at developing apps that are compatible with all iOS devices and versions and have high user engagement.
Give a shape to your project idea with innovations by hiring our top iOS engineers who would provide you with the best services with their efficient skills and expertise. We also master in developing working MVPs and design wireframes for project concept showcasing to potential investors. You can get any kind of assistance related to iPhone / iPad app development needs.

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