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Developing tailor-made software is pertaining to the exquisite needs and requirements of an individual/company. Custom software development as a service is an off-the-shelf development catering to unique personalized needs of the clients at various levels. Such software are developed to ensure that all your business processes are fully automated and there is an element of business and data intelligence in terms of visual, factual, projectile and analytical reporting of data along with absolute accounting to help the businesses in smooth running of their business operations and to make effective business decisions.

We, at Talentelgia Technologies always focus on performing a comprehensive software requirement analysis and then prepare a complete ER diagram and the database architecture for the application.

As before starting a cricket match, a complete pitch report is prepared, so as we conduct a detailed requirement analysis to prepare a detailed statement of work and software requirement specification for the given project requirement.It helps us in preparing a neat and a clean plot to put the foundation of the application architecture.We have hands-on experience in developing the customized software starting from scratch using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Our team of professionals is experienced in delivering cost effective and reliable custom software solutions to match specific business needs passing through the following stages:

  • Understanding your business and business needs

    – Without perfect understanding and planning, proper software development cannot take place.

  • Preparing prototype models/architecture

    – This seems to be the most crucial step as here all the workflows are designed accordingly and a basic structure is developed.

  • Efficient project management

    – Once the software is developed, its efficient implementation is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the code.

  • Testing & Deployment

    – The deployment of the software includes proper testing to ensure the quality and performance of the software developed so far.Finally your customized software is ready to be operated and go live on the web.

Our solutions to your customized software requirements are designed adhering to various technologies such as PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python etc. We make use ofagile methodology, DevOPS techniques and Continuous Integration to provide scalable services to our clients across the globe.

As a house is designed and constructed with the help of an architect, an engineer, the laborers’, likewise a custom software is designed and developed through the help of a business analyst, a database expert, full stack programmers, UI/UX designers, Quality Assurance engineer and a project manager.

Talentelgia Technologies has a fair division and strength of all these engineers and technical experts in the team to develop custom business solutions for our customers.Connect with us so that we can offer you the best of our customized services.

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