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Talentelgia Technologies has a well-established clientele across the globe and aims to keep the trust and integrity intact. We have worked with a number of clients so far and have always succeeded in delivering the cost-effective solutions within the expected time frame. Our team has successfully managed to cater the projects with distinct difficulty levels with full efficiency. You are invited to have a look at some of our work by visiting our portfolio and get an idea about the quality of our work, our domain and technology expertise.

EatRytte , Meal Tracker App

  • Technologies:
  • Android
  • Ios

Eatrytte– With this application the user can get customized diet plans and can eat right based on that diet plan to stay healthy. It calculates the nutritional value of meals with its Meal calorie calculator to guide the user of his daily calorie intake.

Here are the features of the app that make it incredible –

  • Build your profile and set your weight goals.
  • Calculate the nutritional information (calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat) of any recipe of your choice
  • Track your calorie intake with the calorie counter
  • Scan food items using the barcode scanner
  • Keep a log of your meals directly on the app
  • Keep a log of your activities directly on the app
  • Monitor your progress over time using the progress chart.

FlexCheck Auto

  • Technologies:
  • Business-automation

FlexCheck Auto — The Only 100% Guided Inspection Platform www.flexcheckauto.com

Having a digital list of all things that need to be inspected, with a set of written procedures to follow is more efficient than paper and pencil. However, using a guided inspection increases efficiency even further because the software guides the technician through each inspection. Guided inspections can help less experienced technicians produce a higher quality inspection that is on par with senior technician production. More experienced technicians are more efficient with FlexCheck Auto because it saves the hassle and time of trying to remember the fastest way to perform an inspection.

Delish Deliveries

  • Technologies:
  • E-commerce
  • Lamp

The objective of the client was to collect fresh farm products from the farmers and sell it through an online platform in form of customisable food recipes and customised food orders.

Impact of Delish Deliveries on the tech industry –

  • Fresh and organic food is availed to the residents
  • Recurring orders can be placed
  • Delivery scheduled can be managed
  • Recommendations from gym coaches on healthy diets to improve the lifestyle of people
  • Facilitates easy preparation of grocery lists based on recipes ordered


  • Technologies:
  • Ios

Sometimes – The Application enables users effortlessly capture ordinary yet beautiful moments in life in the form of short clips and compile the clips into memoir videos.

Key features

  • Authentication
  • Option to capture videos
  • Implemented Video Player
  • Implemented custom camera
  • Calendar Integration for fetched the videos of particular days
  • Implemented Video Editor
  • View videos clips based on dates selected
  • Hosted app on AWS


  • Technologies:
  • Lamp

Our goal is to simplify your life when it comes to taxes


  • Technologies:
  • Mean

It is an event based application that allows to search for events and easily get tickets to events through the third party vendors. In this I have made the extensive use of elastic search engine to search, and analyze big volumes of events data quickly and in near real time as per user search request.


  • Technologies:
  • Python

WSID.com is a Q&A site that helps you answer the question: “What Should I Do?” The site was made with an intent to see the world grow and make decisions together. It combines the engaging quality of a social networking site with interactions that can empower and support individuals.


  • Technologies:
  • React-js

It allows user to plan out their meals cooking time for entire week and can share the meal plan with the people with same taste buds, cuisine type, etc.

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