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Build ARIA

  • Business Domain :
  • Augmented Reality app
  • Technologies:
  • IOS

Impress your clients with an effortless 3D view of their new street furniture suite – designed by you, with the Build ARIA app. Share screenshots of their furniture in situ. Ignite your creativity by experimenting with different configurations, colours and accessories in your space.
The Build ARIA app helps your bottom line by saving you time spent on renderings and drawings. It maximises impact with clients and brings furniture to life, in the office or in situ.
Augmented Reality technology ensures the experience is ultra-realistic. All aspects of your furniture, down to the finishes and fixings underneath your seat, can be visualised with the Build Aria app. Clients will love the experience of engaging with the app, seeing furniture appear directly in front of them. It’s engaging to use, creating a sense of exploration and fun.
Key Features:
– Drag and drop ultra-realistic street furniture elements.
– Visualise multiple products at a time in detailed, true to life Augmented Reality.
– Add PowerMe™ table components for connectivity and charging.
– Accurate sizing ensures you see furniture in real dimensions, to fit in your space.
– Experiment with different configurations that perfectly match your site.
– Try alternative materials, finishes and colors to realise your vision.
– Save your configuration, send a screenshot to a client and request a quote.
– e’re constantly adding more products for you to experience in amazing AR.

What’s new:

Experiment with our modular Aria Seating System, connecting seats, benches and PowerMe™ Tables with 45, 90 and 180 degree panels.
Download the Build ARIA app to explore an easy, enjoyable way to create furniture and show your brilliance to clients.

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