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Another important application that we have developed for childcare centres in New Zealand that helps the play centres to automate the process of managing the child enrolment and calculation of FCH (funded child hours). FCH is granted by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in New Zealand, to fund childcare centres. So, this application is directly being ruled and governed under the norms created by MoE of NZ. Our software keeps track of all the children enrolled and all the standards implemented by MoE to file the return of FCH by childcare centres easily and in one click. The application is comprehensively used by 429 play centres in New Zealand.


It is an event based application that allows to search for events and easily get tickets to events through the third party vendors. In this I have made the extensive use of elastic search engine to search, and analyze big volumes of events data quickly and in near real time as per user search request.


Warmtros is a US based consulting firm that assists various businesses and organisations in effectively developing and executing their sales and marketing strategies in an effective manner. Philosophy of Warmtros is to assist the businesses in maximising the sale of their products and services by helping them closely develop and monitor their marketing techniques to support their sales operations. A team of Warmtros professionals arranges the workshop to align production, marketing and sales strategies by helping the companies identifying the true catalysts present in their business sectors.

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