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CRA Assessments

It is also a complex application which was developed to support drug pharmacies to automate the process of inspecting the quality of drugs being prepared. There are three types of users – Assesses, Assessors and admin

This application is developed for pharmaceutical industry to assess the performance of the CRAs (Clinical Research Associates). In this application, pharmaceutical companies hire CRA’s to assess the protocols and documents and add monitoring notes on them. Then these monitoring notes are accessed by the assessors to check the performance of the CRA’s whether they accessed the simulation properly or not.

This application has an extensive admin section where the admin can:

1 Create/ manage users and user permissions
2. Create simulations and manage documents under each simulation
3. Create and manage static pages
4 Invoicing system to send invoices to the clients and generate reports on
Payments received.
5. Create and manage email templates
6. Extensive reporting to generate reports at runtime and downloadable in PFD and excel format
7. Bulk export/ import in Excel format


Our goal is to simplify your life when it comes to taxes

Delish Deliveries

The objective of the client was to collect fresh farm products from the farmers and sell it through an online platform in form of customisable food recipes and customised food orders.

Impact of Delish Deliveries on the tech industry –

  • Fresh and organic food is availed to the residents
  • Recurring orders can be placed
  • Delivery scheduled can be managed
  • Recommendations from gym coaches on healthy diets to improve the lifestyle of people
  • Facilitates easy preparation of grocery lists based on recipes ordered
Soiled My Plants

Solied My Plants application is all about rejuvenating our gardening experience by guiding us how to make the soil organic and productive and eventually help us regenerating our gardens. The application teaches us different types of solids that becomes prolific during particular seasons and environment.


FlexCheck Auto is a powerful tool that has the ability to thoroughly inspect a vehicle and provide detailed current health status, including items that need to be addressed immediately and items that will need attention down the road. Informed consumers make better decisions. Because fixing a car is usually the best economical decision, folks who have a clear picture of their car’s health tend to invest more aggressively into keeping the car on the road. The application contains various dynamic features such as:

Pulse – Survey

In this application multiple companies (Clients) can register and create surveys to get feedback from their employees. They can create a unit and add employees to each unit. Employees can further share the feedback on the survey and client can view the employee feedback and detailed analytics on employee input.

Aktiv Mind

An LMS based application that allows companies to create courses and thus enrol their employees to different courses based on the skill areas. It allows businesses to train their employees or schools to educate their students.

It has the following features:

  • Online course creation
  • Quiz creation
  • File management
  • Video management
  • Reporting
  • Online support
Business Exchange

The Business Exchange specializes in lead generation in the franchise and business opportunity industry, in print and online. It’s main motive is to connect buyers and sellers of established businesses for sale, franchises for sale and business opportunities.


It provides a secure and simple tool that allows business owners to create customized digital waiver forms that can be signed and safely stored electronically. I have assisted the client through the complete software lifecycle.

BCM Coal

BCM app is an ERP solution to manage the coal import and dispatching process. It automates the complete process and allows th user to keep track of all purchase order, delivery order, sales order and dispatch status of the coal from multiple vessels.

Some of the key features are:

  • Vessels and purchase orders management
  • Coal Delivery orders management
  • Manage the coal sales order from multiple clients
  • Manage the dispatch process for the order received
  • View the dispatch status from the loading staff
  • View the pending logs from previous order dispatch
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