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PICNDROP is your personal 24/7 on-demand delivery and errand service app.
We are here to simplify the process of delivery through our trusted delivery partners by providing connectivity between you and our partner riders.
PICNDROP allows seamless and convenient errand/delivery that helps you deliver anything, anytime and anywhere from your comfort zone with your smartphone, saving you time and money.


Download the PICNDROP Customer app and create an account
Enter your Item location and Item destination
Select New delivery
Add contact name and phone number of item destination
Add a description of the item and select if you prefer to request a bike, car, minivan, truck or cargo truck
Take a picture of your item, upload and add other instructions for the courier if needed
Once the request is made, the app locates a delivery partner nearest to you depending on the size of your item and your specifications for fast pick-up.


Sometimes – The Application enables users effortlessly capture ordinary yet beautiful moments in life in the form of short clips and compile the clips into memoir videos.

Key features

  • Authentication
  • Option to capture videos
  • Implemented Video Player
  • Implemented custom camera
  • Calendar Integration for fetched the videos of particular days
  • Implemented Video Editor
  • View videos clips based on dates selected
  • Hosted app on AWS
EatRytte , Meal Tracker App

Eatrytte– With this application the user can get customized diet plans and can eat right based on that diet plan to stay healthy. It calculates the nutritional value of meals with its Meal calorie calculator to guide the user of his daily calorie intake.

Here are the features of the app that make it incredible –

  • Build your profile and set your weight goals.
  • Calculate the nutritional information (calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat) of any recipe of your choice
  • Track your calorie intake with the calorie counter
  • Scan food items using the barcode scanner
  • Keep a log of your meals directly on the app
  • Keep a log of your activities directly on the app
  • Monitor your progress over time using the progress chart.

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles for the first time, or a local looking for something fun to do, Fuloop has you covered. Fuloop keeps you in the loop with local events ranging from the hottest parties to the most happening destinations in Los Angeles. Less FOMO and more Fuloop.

With Fuloop, you have access to:

-Exclusive deals and discounted prices on select attractions and businesses

-Always in the loop of what is happening around you

-Know ahead of time how an event is to avoid long lines or what type of music is playing

-Share photos and videos with friends in real-time

-Purchase tickets to shows at discounted prices even after the show begins

With Fuloop, there is no need to plan ahead. Hit your favorite destination, open the Fuloop app and discover what is happening around you.


Looking for a calorie calculator, meal tracker or calorie tracker to keep a regular track of your calorie intake in your meals. “EatRytte – Meal Calorie Calculator” app allows you access to a healthy meal and diet plan to stay healthy.

With the “EatRytte – Meal Calorie Calculator”, you can eat right based on your diet plan. You can make regular diet plans for daily calorie intake and calculate the nutritional value of your meals. On the app, you will find the calorie value of different food items that you eat. Setting a daily target for calorie intake can be easy. With a proper diet plan, you can meet your health goals of staying fit, losing weight, maintaining weight or gaining weight.

If you struggle to lose weight, gain weight, just started to work out and want to keep a proper track of your food intake while setting calorie intake limits, EatRytte is the app for you. Determine how many calories you require daily based on your goals and adhere to eating as per your meal plan!

Cosh Living AR

Experience beautiful designer indoor and outdoor furniture in your home using Augmented Reality. Try it in realistic detail and see which furniture best suits your application.

Cosh Living AR offers a comprehensive range of quality indoor and outdoor furniture from leading Australian and European designer brands. Use Augmented Reality on your iPhone or iPad to see products from renowned brands such as Tribu, Gloster, Mautti and Kett.

Key features:
– Place indoor and outdoor furniture in your home using the Cosh Living AR app
– Build and configure your sofa arrangement and visualise it in Augmented Reality
– Realistic high quality furniture models ensure your experience is as close as possible to the real thing
– Sizing and materials are highly accurate
– Try multiple products in real time and configure modular furniture

Build ARIA

Impress your clients with an effortless 3D view of their new street furniture suite – designed by you, with the Build ARIA app. Share screenshots of their furniture in situ. Ignite your creativity by experimenting with different configurations, colours and accessories in your space.
The Build ARIA app helps your bottom line by saving you time spent on renderings and drawings. It maximises impact with clients and brings furniture to life, in the office or in situ.
Augmented Reality technology ensures the experience is ultra-realistic. All aspects of your furniture, down to the finishes and fixings underneath your seat, can be visualised with the Build Aria app. Clients will love the experience of engaging with the app, seeing furniture appear directly in front of them. It’s engaging to use, creating a sense of exploration and fun.
Key Features:
– Drag and drop ultra-realistic street furniture elements.
– Visualise multiple products at a time in detailed, true to life Augmented Reality.
– Add PowerMe™ table components for connectivity and charging.
– Accurate sizing ensures you see furniture in real dimensions, to fit in your space.
– Experiment with different configurations that perfectly match your site.
– Try alternative materials, finishes and colors to realise your vision.
– Save your configuration, send a screenshot to a client and request a quote.
– e’re constantly adding more products for you to experience in amazing AR.

What’s new:

Experiment with our modular Aria Seating System, connecting seats, benches and PowerMe™ Tables with 45, 90 and 180 degree panels.
Download the Build ARIA app to explore an easy, enjoyable way to create furniture and show your brilliance to clients.

Breville AR

Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville has become an iconic global brand that enhances people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation, delivering kitchen products to more than 70 countries around the globe. Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that delivers innovation based on consumer insights, empowering people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own kitchen.

Experience the very best Breville products directly in your home with the Breville Augmented Reality app.

Key Features:

– Ultra-realistic Augmented Reality experience

– A wide range of products available to try from espresso machines, toasters, kettles and more

– Test out the available colour options to see if they will work with your decor

– Accurate dimensions let you see how products will fit in your home


Neighborhood invites for everyday life.
We are disconnected, we are transient, and it can take years to feel part of the world and community around us.
Inhabit was built to change that, to give power back to local organizers who make our communities stronger, and to make sure that every person can feel part of where they live from day one.
With Inhabit you can:
– quickly learn about where you live
– discover the groups, businesses, clubs and organizations that are active in your community
– respond to local invites and share with friends & family
– create your own local groups, gatherings and events (running clubs, dog walker groups, etc.)
– track views, interest and engagement on your flyer
– stay connected throughout your day/week
– provide feedback on attended events


A divine way to make your photos more beautiful. So, we designed a photo editor iPhone app to create and share your moments – Photofunk. It is a one-stop solution where you can put numerous effects after the photo capture and to the photos saved in the photo gallery. It supports iOS 8.0 and onward versions.
A quick glimpse on the wonderful features:
• Filters
• Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation
• Apply Effects
• Blur & Focus
• Drawing functionality
• Use Color Splash
• Crop, Rotate, Flip & Straighten
• Resize images
• Add Tone-curve
• Add emoji
• Add Stickers
• Add Text with Multiple Fonts
• Enhance Photos in Seconds
• Share Photos w/ Friends (Social media)


How many times have you landed yourself in trouble while searching the closest restaurant or hotel?
#NearBy App instantly finds your current locale by using the in-build GPS in your phone and displays the list of places to choose like the nearest hospital, ATM, Petrol Station, Movie Theatre, Taxi or anything near you in a detailed manner say website, Contact Us info, description if available.
It allows you do search, find and navigate as per your needs alongside displays default list of nearby places too. It is an exemplary app to know what is around you. Moreover, it provides the exact calculative measurement of the nearby location you search for.
It does not use Google maps and gives the accurate location on the screen itself and hence, you can rely on the information even if you are not using Google.
– Automatically finds your current location and then guides you by plotting on the map.
– Find distance of searched locations after knowing your current status.
– An on-the-go app to search places of interest.

Travel Share

Travel Connect is a free app that enables users sharing photos and videos of travel moments and express yourself about all the moments of day with your friends
Join Travel Connect today and share your tour moments with your friends..

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