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PICNDROP is your personal 24/7 on-demand delivery and errand service app.
We are here to simplify the process of delivery through our trusted delivery partners by providing connectivity between you and our partner riders.
PICNDROP allows seamless and convenient errand/delivery that helps you deliver anything, anytime and anywhere from your comfort zone with your smartphone, saving you time and money.


Download the PICNDROP Customer app and create an account
Enter your Item location and Item destination
Select New delivery
Add contact name and phone number of item destination
Add a description of the item and select if you prefer to request a bike, car, minivan, truck or cargo truck
Take a picture of your item, upload and add other instructions for the courier if needed
Once the request is made, the app locates a delivery partner nearest to you depending on the size of your item and your specifications for fast pick-up.


DinarPay – This mobile application is used to capture payments by using the Libyan Dinar Card. Each Merchant will have QR code or unique Merchant ID in their shop and ANDROID / IOS app will read the QR code or user can enter the Merchant ID and then invoke the proposed Libyan Dinar Card Payment page to transfer the fund to the BANK.

The advantage for this Mobile PAY application is, the merchant not required to have their own Website / POS application. Any small vendors can implement to collect the payments.

Scope of the Project

The Scope of the project is to introduce new Payment option in the country. This concept will help SMEs eliminate the barrier and it will support to handle only LIBYAN DINAR as a medium of transaction – who has the account with relevant bank.

Also, the LIBYAN Dinar QR Card reader will work as a “DEBIT” Card Process only. It will not work as a Credit Card

EatRytte , Meal Tracker App

Eatrytte– With this application the user can get customized diet plans and can eat right based on that diet plan to stay healthy. It calculates the nutritional value of meals with its Meal calorie calculator to guide the user of his daily calorie intake.

Here are the features of the app that make it incredible –

  • Build your profile and set your weight goals.
  • Calculate the nutritional information (calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat) of any recipe of your choice
  • Track your calorie intake with the calorie counter
  • Scan food items using the barcode scanner
  • Keep a log of your meals directly on the app
  • Keep a log of your activities directly on the app
  • Monitor your progress over time using the progress chart.
Little Picasso

Never had a way to permanently store memories of your children? From their first steps to their first drawing or first dance recital,allows parents or care givers an opportunity to never forget or never miss out on important achievements by their children.


Looking for a calorie calculator, meal tracker or calorie tracker to keep a regular track of your calorie intake in your meals. “EatRytte – Meal Calorie Calculator” app allows you access to a healthy meal and diet plan to stay healthy.
With the “EatRytte – Meal Calorie Calculator”, you can eat right based on your diet plan. You can make regular diet plans for daily calorie intake and calculate the nutritional value of your meals. On the app, you will find the calorie value of different food items that you eat. Setting daily target for calorie intake can be easy. With proper diet plan, you can meet your health goals of staying fit, losing weight, maintaining weight or gaining weight.

If you struggle to lose weight, gain weight, just started to work out and want to keep a proper track of your food intake while setting calorie intake limits, EatRytte is the app for you. Determine how much calorie you require daily based on your goals and adhere to eating as per your meal plan!

Exit 7C

*Business Fleets Only* Exit 7C is the first app that lets you pay for fuel at local gas stations from your mobile device with the tap of a button. Exit 7C hand selects each of its gas stations to deliver the best experience possible. With a secure, encrypted payment system, buying gas for your car as never been easier. Now available in Milwaukee WI and Columbus OH.


CITYlink HOA App is the most effective, interactive and comprehensive App developed for the HOA Management industry. By using the App, Homeowners can receive real time updates via Push Notifications and have instant access to pertinent information regarding their homes and communities. Using the App makes it easy to contact your Manager, make payments, view account history, report maintenance issues (using GPS pinpoints), report unsightly blight, report lost and found items, vote, view financials, governing documents (CC&Rs, By Laws, Meeting Minutes) and much more.


BCM app is an ERP solution to manage the coal import and dispatching process. It automates the complete process and allow user to keep track of all purchase order, delivery order, sales order and dispatch status of the coal from multiple vessels.
Key Features:
Vessels and purchase orders management
Coal Delivery orders management
Manage the coal sales order from multiple clients
Manage the dispatch process for the order received
View the dispatch status from the loading staff.
View the pending logs from previous order dispatch
Manage the staff access and roles
Manage Stevedoring companies

Best Screen Recorder

An excellent screen recording app with a user-friendly interface and impressive video editing features. Record high quality videos using the best android screen recording application which can be downloaded free of cost. It is easy to use and highly customizable application allowing you to record whatever is happening on your Android phone’s screen.


This app lets you discover new outdoor destinations throughout Quebec and lets you add or find trails nearby, filter the trails by length, difficulty etc. or locate points of interest near you in the application.

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