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PHP & Mean

We are actively looking for a Full Stack Developer.
Please refer to the below mentioned Job Description to understand the requirement.
  • Experience in PHP MVC frameworks
  • Experience in object oriented programming
  • Ability to handle independent projects
  • Good knowledge of PHP 5.6
  • Good knowledge of MySQL optimisation
  • PLUS to have a knowledge of other databases such as MSSQL, Oracle etc
  • Must have knowledge of cloud server set up (such as AWS EC2)
  • Experience with S3 buckets
  • Sound experience with various 3rd party APIs integration such as chat, voip, payment gateways, cloud servers accounting systems, SMS, appointment scheduling, calendar, social media and others
  • Must have experience in writing complex stored procedures, data aggregation, data manipulation, data mining scripts
  • Experience in developing enterprise level, secure, SAAS based applications
  • Experience in business automation and business intelligence applications development
  • Experience in code refactoring, code optimisation
  • Experience in advanced PHP frameworks such as Laravel 5.4
  • PLUS to have experience in other frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Python (Django)
  • Must have experience of MEAN stack development
  • Must have knowledge of advanced JS frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, Knockout JS, Backbone JS (atleast 1 or 2 of these)
  • Ability to write back end web services for mobile apps
  • Ability to understand and fix the code written by other programmers
  • PLUS to have knowledge of Linux server administrationand business intelligence applications development.
  • Experience in code refactoring, code optimisation.

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