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Being one of the leading PHP development companies in the region, we offer end to end custom web development services to our clients. The technologies used in the development of projects are ought to develop world-class results by adhering to some specific features. We make use of various open source technologies mainly PHP, RoR, Python etc.

The technological development so far has emerged ways to a new era of web development and design which has helped people to become more specific and precise about their requirements. The technological trends being followed nowadays are mainly based out of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, SAAS & CRM based software . Different technologies accompany different types of development structures/projects according to their specifications and featuristic abilities such as:

  • The most reliable technology being used for security purposes is .Net
  • Robust and stable projects are most likely to be developed using RoR as the main technology being preferred.
  • IoT platforms are flourishing which allow third-party applications to connect and communicate efficiently.
  • API centric applications are mainly developed using Node JS technology.
  • Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into most of the applications or devices nowadays in all forms of technologies.

Thus, making it easier for the developers as well as the clients to be able to analyze the exact scenario of the ongoing project.

Database Driven Web Applications Development
Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions
Data Analytical and Data Evaluaion Web Portals
CRM Customization and Development



Meeting our timelines and delivering successful projects catering to all business specific requirements of the clients is what we adhere to throughout the development process.


We have a well-established quality assurance department to help in ensuring bug-free projects to our clients across the world.


Talentelgia Technologies is known for its qualitative work process followed throughout the development and thus subsist as a worthy and cost-effective model in the technological world.

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