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We have served customers in various market verticals such as health sector, e-commerce sector, retail & trading, entertainment, real estate etc.

  • Health care is emerging towards digitization and mobilization of medical services with the ongoing technological development.
  • Use of drones in real estate sector to capture and have the overview of the entire property.
  • Predictive pricing is being followed in the e-commerce sector through artificial intelligence and big data solutions based on a number of factors.
  • Artificial intelligence has made the entertainment industry advanced by making advertisements smarter and attractive.
  • Technological trends are helping the retail traders to deal with the customers more aptly as with the use of beacons/Bluetooth devices, they get to know a lot of information automatically.

Talentelgia technologies aim at expanding its domain of clients worldwide going through various market verticals. Having developed a global image in all the above-mentioned industries, we are determined to carve successful and efficient workflows all over. Our team possesses thorough knowledge about various industry-specific domains and the art of implementing the knowledge into practical aspects to develop quality results.

Database Driven Web Applications Development
Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions
Data Analytical and Data Evaluaion Web Portals
CRM Customization and Development



Meeting our timelines and delivering successful projects catering to all business specific requirements of the clients is what we adhere to throughout the development process.


We have a well-established quality assurance department to help in ensuring bug-free projects to our clients across the world.


Talentelgia Technologies is known for its qualitative work process followed throughout the development and thus subsist as a worthy and cost-effective model in the technological world.

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