Retaining users on Eventsfy with seamless UX

Eventsfy is a platform for people who love art. It bridges the gap by uniting the artists and the audience.


Entertainment, event-based application


Angular, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB


Eventsfy is a platform for people who love art. It bridges the gap by uniting the artists and the audience.

This event-based application lets the users find the live events happening around them. They can then pick the ones that interest them by category and also procure the tickets at the best prices.

At the same time, it helps the artist connect to their fanbase by adding their upcoming events to this platform. The audience can then search for these and buy tickets.


ANP Analysis


Design Process

Industry Impact

Launch & Delivery

The Challenge

The fact that the website was already made but had many bugs made it challenging to revamp the site.

We handpicked some of the best technologies to make things work. The website uses advanced technologies MEAN stack, AWS and Stripe, which together have contributed to its success.

The idea behind the app was diverse and enormous, making it difficult to offer all of the functionalities without making the website slow. Adding more to it was the fact that this website was still in its initial stage and had not reached the masses.


Eventsfy was an existing site that suffered from a lot of errors. Many new functionalities had to be added too. So it needed a strategy that could help us achieve everything within its deadline and make it successful. We were to take care of all three aspects viz:

  • Design
  • SEO
  • Development
  • Technology Stack

The main stack that we used for Eventsfy was the MEAN stack. We also wanted to deliver the best on the server-side. So we used AWS hosting which proved to be a great success.


We were looking at everything; the backend, front-end and the SEO part. So, the implementation was done in stages. The three stages we followed for the development of the project were:


Eventsfy needed a change in the layout as well, as the existing one was not up to the mark. There were a lot of requirements from the design point of view as well.

We used S3 Buckets for image storage.

On the front-end, the website uses some intriguing features. The home page has three sections that make navigating easier for the users.

  • The first section displays trending events. If a user has not logged in, it shows the trending events in the US by default.
  • Additionally, the users can choose the city and the date when they want to attend the event.

We also took utmost care about the hierarchy of the images by ensuring they are SEO optimized and responsive. Additionally, its user-friendly UI/UX for maximum engagement and traffic guarantees user satisfaction.

The website uses simple Bootstrap and is mobile responsive thus working flawlessly on all the devices like tablets and Ipads.


Even though the initial development was done, there was a lot to be done. The tasks we took up to get desired results were:

New Logics in the backend

We wanted to show the users what exactly they are looking for. So, we used Fans Logic, Review logics, Events logic and trending in US logic, for the desired results.

Trending List

On the front-end, these logic helped us assort the trending list. They showed trending events depending on:

  • Events = Clicks, Likes and Location
  • Artists = Fans and Tracking
  • Venue = Clicks, Tracking, and location.
Ticketing booking system

Eventsfy lets the users book tickets when they see an event that interests them. For it to be a success, we needed to have the following functionalities:

  • Artists should be able to create the events
  • Users can search for the artists and the upcoming events by categories
  • A system to book tickets from the vendors.

Stripe integration

We needed a system to book tickets through the vendor. So we integrated Stripe to support payments from a wide variety of devices and platforms.

In addition to this, we also added a discount section. It consisted of all the tickets by the vendors selling at the least prices.

Google Rankings

Building and launching a website or app does little to generate the business until it does reach the right audience. So we took up the task to drive the traffic to it. Some of the techniques that we followed were:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Google Adword