Maximizing user engagement for Eatrytte

Eatrytte is a calorie calculator app that works on both android and iOS platforms.


Food, Calorie Calculator


Swift & Laravel

Project Overview

Eatrytte is a calorie calculator app that works on both android and iOS platforms. It makes healthy eating easier with features like a calorie calculator, step tracker, macros tracker, and food journal. These are available to the users in both forms - free as well as the paid versions.


ANP Analysis


Design Process

Industry Impact

Launch & Delivery

The Challenge

Eatrytte is a health-based app that comes with several features. However, when we first came across it, we had its founding concept and a reference app for the developers. Our team diligently handled its development, although some parts posed challenges like the ones below.

  • The app was to have a lot of products/recipes. The users would search from these and, Laravel was making it slow. So we had to rewrite it using MySQL.
  • We needed a custom calendar for each user that would change as per their daily calorie intake and activities. After rigorous research, we used PHP integration to achieve this.
  • Also, we were to count the daily calories burnt by the users as per their daily physical activities and exercises. The client provided us with the formulae that we efficiently implemented.


After in-depth research and understanding the requirements, we started contemplating the technologies that would do justice to Eatrytte.

We used Swift for its flawless functioning on iOS and Laravel as the coding language. Since it was also offering premium and paid plans, we needed a payment gateway as well. Braintree proved to be an effective solution for this.

Moreover, since it was dynamic, we also needed an easy-to-navigate admin panel for which we had to resort to API integration. We also decided to use WebSocket for integrating social media handles.


Eatrytte would primarily focus on mobile users, so the design had to be clean and clutter-free. We used rapid prototyping and wireframing in search of a design that is both engrossing and supports all the functionalities. These also helped us to brainstorm different ideas for the design.