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Delish Deliveries provides a digital store for shopping farm-fresh products.


Food, online food ordering app


Shopify, Laravel, Vue.Js

Delish Deliveries

Delish Deliveries provides a digital store for shopping farm-fresh products. It makes following a healthy diet easier for users by presenting a platform to order customized food recipes and orders. Not only this, but it also comes with fascinating features like - recurring orders and scheduling deliveries that are in sync with the diet plans recommended by the gym coaches.

Their aim was to make staying healthy easier for their users.


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Design Process

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Launch & Delivery

The Challenge

Delish Deliveries is an intriguing concept with some interesting functionalities. It is a retail food delivery site with some thought-through features like scheduled deliveries as per health coach, an option to set going away & return date, BMR calculation, reminders via text and a lot more.

It is a platform that puts an end to the constant worrying about daily meals and grocery shopping.

From picking up the best products to following the recipes by the experts and schedules of the gym coaches, it takes care of everything, making healthy eating hassle-free.

Moreover, it also follows a holistic approach by delivering products from local farmers to help them as well.

Though these were all set to make the project a success, they also posed a challenge to us. We needed the best technologies that would provide a scalable solution.


Delish Deliveries was an out of the box idea with a great potential to expand. Adding more to it was a long list of functionalities that it was to support.

Therefore, it needed a technology stack that could accommodate all its needs. So before going ahead, we wanted to equip ourselves with the right knowledge to giving it a flying start.

Our team did intense research for the right technologies and methodologies that would work for it. Delightedly, it helped us to handpick the right ones that resulted in the project we had envisioned.


Thanks to the research, we had the best technologies and were soon imperative about starting the real work. From here, we started working on its back-end as well as front-end. We followed an agile methodology wherein it was divided into three phases:


Delish Deliveries had so much to offer to the customers. So its layout had to be clean and responsive.

Our designers put in all their efforts. Consequently, we agreed on the design after rigorous use of prototypes and wireframes.

We used user-friendly UI and UX. This resulted in a site that is easy to navigate and is accessible on all devices.


This was the part where things got interesting. Our research enabled us to choose the best technologies that would keep the project up and running. So, we mutually agreed on the following technologies.

These included
YII 1.1.16, PHP 7.0, Bootstrap, Jquery, Javascript, and WordPress.

Together, these ensured the flawless functioning of the site.

It was also to have diverse payment options to make purchasing easier for the customer. For this, we chose: Fat Zhebra.

While for the Database, we used MySQL 5.5.

Further to add more to its functionality, we also had to resort to the use of API like ActiveCampaign,  Google Map, Facebook pixel.