Enabling ScholarBees with the right tech to deliver quality education

ScholarBees is an innovative platform connecting teachers and students believing in futuristic eLearning.




Laravel & Angular


ScholarBees is an innovative platform connecting teachers and students believing in futuristic e-learning. Through their website, they help connect the students to teachers with expertise in specific fields. They also offer one on one sessions through audio, video, and chat for quality learning.

This platform allows the students to choose their preferred teachers and sessions at prices they can afford. Not only this, but the tutors also get the freedom to manage their profile, set hourly rates, the course they want to offer, availability, and accept the booking request of the students.

The Challenge

When first presented to us, ScholarBees was just an idea. We had to conduct intense research to find out the right technologies for it. Moreover, most sections had to be dynamic. Therefore, it needed a scalable solution that could run seamlessly as and when users increase over time.

After brainstorming, we decided on using Laravel & Angular that proved a better choice in the long run.


ScholarBees has some advanced functionalities. So we decided to divide its development into different phases. The actual work on the site was divided into two stages:


We followed a responsive approach as ScholarBees had to be compatible with all the devices keeping in view the mobile-first approach of Google. Moreover, user-friendly UI-UX has made it easily accessible to all users.


ScholarBees also has advanced features that make it stand out among other e-learning apps. These were to be available to both - students and teachers. Some of the features are signing up, verification, setting up their profiles, and searching for the courses. Though its list of functionalities is long, here are a few of them:


Scholarbees also supports chat functionality where a student and a teacher can chat. Livechat plugin helped to get this feature working. Not only this, as per the requirement, this option was also set to be only available when toggled from the admin panel.


We needed a reliable payment gateway that would handle the transactions by the students to Scholarbees and also from Scholarbees to the teachers. Further, it also displays the amount credited, outstanding, or is yet to be decided. Cash tree proved to be a wise choice to keep up with all these requirements and has been working efficiently ever since.

Video calling

The students and tutors at ScholarBees can indulge in one-on-one sessions through video calls as well. For this, we decided on using opentok and a customized whiteboard to give a real-time classroom experience to the students. Sessions could be canceled by all the users – the students, teachers, or the admin.

Manage Calendar

Teachers can also manage their calendars and accept the requests according to the available slots. Here the use of a full calendar by our experts has set the feature working.


We wanted to make managing ScholarBees easy for the owner. So the backend is divided into three users:

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Admin

Admin Panel

ScholarBees is a way to ensure quality education for the students. So all the actions have to be carefully monitored. We skillfully framed the admin panel to monitor all the functions such that no coding skills are required. The admin can check the active users and can deactivate any student or teacher. In case a dispute is raised by a student, the final decision rests with the admin. There is also an option to add sub admins with fewer rights.

Release & Launch

After the design and the development were done and approved, we launched the website. The results were positive as the website has been doing really well and currently has thousands of students and teachers on its platform since its launch.