How our custom app development services helped Pickaform?

PickaForm simplifies the world for new entrepreneurs. They make it easier to run an enterprise without having the need to be well-versed in coding.


NodeJS / Connect + middlewares, Websocket, and MongoDB


Custom app development


It is a website-based application where you can pick templates with different functionalities for your app. With Pickaform, it's possible to develop custom apps without actually coding.

You can drag and drop blocks easily to create a form with relative ease. So, you get the freedom to do everything from adding a comment to recruitment forms and adding calendar events in a single click.

The Challenge

Pickaform is a new approach to CMS and e-commerce that lets users create their website without web development - both for free and by buying its custom plans.

The client needed coders with high-quality skills at par with the proficiency of the front-end they had already developed.

The client had created a brand new UI library called KissJS - Keep It Simple Stupid JS.

Our team faced the challenge of working on entirely new technology.


Although we were going to develop only the back-end, we still had to collaborate for its smooth functioning.

We had to think about the best solutions for important attributes like:

  • Full-text search
  • Security
  • CSV import
  • Queuing, undo, redo, soft deletion

Although the client provided the information about the custom library, our team had to research and find architecture capable of scaling many files thoroughly.

We decided to use only the best - NodeJS / Connect + middlewares, Websocket, and MongoDB.


PickaForm is a robust platform with outstanding functionalities and features to make things easier for users. Consequently, there were many aspects we had to look into. We were able to achieve the desired functionalities by breaking down the development into phases.


Though there was an existing authentication system, we had to update it to make it better. We achieved this by generating a jwt token and a new route for verifying the jwt token and Linkedin authentication. We then implemented the login and Microsoft callback route and fetched the profile data using PassportJS to keep up with the requirements.

File management

PickaForm needed diverse file management capabilities. Our team was able to add an option to add files through different sources for the ease of the users. These included my device, web search URL upload, Google Dropbox, Instagram integration, and one drive.

Msword to pdf generation

Merging form data is one of the most used features of the site's existing platform and, we were upgrading it. "LibreOffice-convert" proved to be the best choice to convert MS Word files to PDF to get the desired results.

Stripe integration

Stripe has become a go-to choice for the ease of payment it offers. We integrated it for the subscription purchases.


This platform gives access to specific data to the users according to their roles. For this, we used ACL integration which provided the results we were looking for.

Launch & Delivery

This platform gives access to specific data to the users according to their roles. For this, we used ACL integration which provided the results we were looking for.