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Are you Suffering from Technophobia?


Technophobia or Technophilia?
Yes, you heard it right- TECHNOPHOBIA, a state where people start aversing from technology and its continuous evolvement at a faster pace.
Stephen Hawkings, one of the greatest minds also warned us years before about the resurgence of technophobia. But what do you mean by the word technophobia? It is a feeling of severe anxiety associated with using anything technologically advanced. However, the technical name for this affliction, technophobia, is reaching its peak in the present age and every part of the modern world.

Technology is said to be paradoxical; it is meant to make our lives easier but sometimes actually complicates it further by making it difficult to use and learn. It differs from most of the other phobias as it does not welcome change and many tend to hate devices, computers, and gadgets as they are not used to it. The fear of technology is around as long as technology is continuously evolving at a rapid scale.
Many of the American’s greatest fear as well as the first critique of technology and its impact on the world has been technophobia. As technology has developed over the years, so have our fears as it is too good at mimicking humans as a species.

Technology as Humans: Today most of us fear technology for one or the other reason. Even those at the forefront of artificial intelligence world worry that machines could soon be better humans than humans themselves. In short, our fear of technology today is slightly different than that in the past where machines are aspiring to take place of humans.

However, knowledge is the best way to overcome this fear. People suffering from technophobia should prefer sharing their ideas, information, and knowledge and it is something they should not feel embarrassed about. Some exposure, as well as behavioral therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapies(CBT), have been proven effective in treating conditions like technophobia.

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