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Business Requirement Analysis:

To provide overpowering custom web development and software solutions to the clients’ requires a thorough analysis of the business needs. The very first step is to become aware and perform the tasks accordingly.

Writing functional specification documents:

After all the analysis about business requirements has been done, a detailed specification document catering to the custom business needs of the customers is drafted. This helps in utmost clarity.

Developing project wireframes and prototype models:

For the client to understand better and get the ‘actual-feel’ of the system, the project wireframes and prototype models are developed.

Submitting the Technical Proposal:

Elaborating the project understanding and all work processes, a technical proposal is prepared for the client to go through before the final development of the project.

Keeping daily & weekly quality checks:

For the projects to run successfully, daily and weekly checks are mandatory. To avoid any overruns and ensure an interactive project development, the client is involved throughout in all day to day processes.

Writing Technical documentation:

The full and final completion of any particular project takes place with the drafting of the technical documentation specifying the functionality, handling, and architecture of the project.

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