Why There Is A Need Of Responsive Web Design

Whenever you have started an online business, have you ever thought of the fact that does your business need a responsive website design? Did you know the fact that 2013 was the Year of Responsive Web Design? Do you what is it exactly and why there is a need to design it? There must a long list of questions related to it. So, let us have some quick glimpse about it.

As it is an era of mobile internet and none sticks to their desktops all the time rather go for smartphones, tablets or any handheld device. And here, the concept of responsive web design was invented.

Responsive design means redesigning the website and its pages in such a way that it resizes itself and fits into every kind of screen be it a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. The content simply looks good and it is easy to read also.

According to Pew Internet, 63% of adult mobile phone owners use their phone to go online, and 34% of those who go online with their phone do so mostly from their phone, and don’t use a desktop or laptop computer for internet access. And research firm IDC estimates that more people will access the internet through a mobile device than a PC.

Responsive designs help in exploring your business. How? Let’s take a look:

Higher Conversion Rates:

According to a Google report, 78% of users want to find what they’re looking for on a mobile site in just one or two clicks, and 64% of users only want to scroll up and down on a business’ mobile site, not left and right.

So, if your website is mobile friendly, then a user does not need to go on another website, it will help in accessing useful information, making purchases quickly that results in higher conversion rate with an easy mobile user experience.

Multiple Displays

Responsive design saves your valuable time, updates your site with a single edit and those updates are positively translates on to the desktop, mobile and tablet versions. Hence, when you publish a blog or update any web page, you do not have to make the changes multiple times.

Now that you have understood the responsive design concept and its importance in marketing your business. There are two ways to get a responsive design – either by hiring a developer/designer who is available to make all the necessary changes and your site responsive or to use a responsive theme for your website.