What to expect from Apple in 2016?

‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

And that’s why, Apple gadgets rule in technical world as it supports engaging user interface and experience. 2016 is going to be biggest turnover for Apple gadgets. As per conventional norms, Apple makes an announcement for its big releases in late Q-3. Apple, this year, however, decided to change the game and will be holding a launch event on March 15.

As 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus were launched in September 2014 with no new device materialized in 2015, rumours have been going around about launch of 4 inch iPhone 5se in March 2016. Some speculations also suggests that iPhone 5s, new 12in MacBook and iPad Mini will be out in rose gold color scheme.

Furthermore, along with iPhone 5se, Apple Watch 2 and iPad Air 3 will make an appearance this year – isn’t it more than enough?

And the list is not finished yet. No! Apple expects to release a bunch of software, hardware and respective services throughout the year. Let us some spill beans on each device thoroughly:

Apple Watch 2

Initially, there were rumors about launch of Apple watch 2 in March, but now it’s not going to happen. Perhaps, people have to wait until September to see the successor to the first Apple watch. If rumors are to be believed, it could feature a thinner design, more health sensors with great functionality, better battery life and maybe, a round shape.

iPhone 5se

As discussed earlier, there is a strong news about the launch of this device in March event only. This device has got attention as users still miss 4 inch yesteryear’s iPhones. Till now, Apple has sold around 25 million iPhone 5c units and this is quite impressive. Besides a 4inch screen with no 3D feature, you can expect an A9 processor, an M9 motion coprocessor, 16GB and 64GB storage options, 1GB of RAM, a 1,624 mAh battery, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and an aluminum body with iPhone 6-like rounded corners.

iPad Air 3

The iPad Air is the only Apple device that wasn’t updated in 2015 and now, it will come with a bang in March 2016 event. With a rear-facing LED camera flash, Smart Connector, slightly thicker than iPad Air 2, but it lacks 3D touch. Reports also state that it could feature 4GB RAM along with 4K display.

New MacBooks

Post March event, Macbooks will hit the Apple products launch list. According to some report, it has been revealed that Apple will start producing new 12in Macbooks in latest Q1 or Q2 and those featuring 15in are coming inside Q3 along with 13.3 in models during the same period. Though, the reports are not specific whether they are Pro or Air models. These list of gadgets feature a 2.6 GHz QuadCore i7-6770HQ, a 2.7 GHz QuadCore i7-6870HQ, and a 2.8 GHz QuadCore i7-6970HQ.

iPhone 7

The much awaited device, people have been longing for and Apple will finally announce and release it in 2016 – The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. No other smartphone on this planet has power to get anyway near as much attention as Apple’s iPhone. Though it might not look different from iPhone 7, but the removal of the antenna bands on the rea of the phone is reported.

Reportedly, iPhone 7 could have a dual lens camera sytem improving picture quality and low-light photos, though this feature might, annoyingly, be limited to iPhone 7 plus.

iOS 10 and OS X 10.12

As expected. iOS 10 will come along with iPhone 7. Moreover, you can also expect the next version of OS X.

The list has not ended yet. Lastly, the release of new Macs, specifically new iMacs, a new Mac Pro, and a new 5k Thunderbolt 3 display is likely to expect. Let us wait and watch how much these rumors are true.