Web Development: Front-End Vs Back-End Developers

The scope in web development and technology will be bright and so, choosing a career in it. There has been an exponential rise in web development over a last decade and it has been concluded that there has been billions of websites developed by developers. As of November 2014, there were more than 680 million pages on the Internet and the counting is still increasing.

According to some statistics, it has been predicted that employment in the web development field will grow probably 20 percent in the upcoming decade, faster than any other occupation.

A Quick Discussion

Let us have a quick dicussion about the great difference between front-end and back-end of a website and their crucial role in developing a website accordingly.

– The front-end of the website is all about the things a user sees and experiences, while back-end is about the coding stuff that a developer does behind the scenes so as to enable front-end.

– To achieve an immerse and involving user experience, front-end and back-end developers work together as a team to develop a dynamic website and this involves some tools to work on.

Front-end development includes tools like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS and Jquery. They also need to be familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone, Foundation, Ember JS and Angular JS.

– Front-end developers need to ensure that the content looks great and fit on any device and must have in depth knowledge of libraries like jQuery, that packages the code in a more timely form. As many clients demand front-end devlopers having experience in Ajax that can be used with JavaScript and let pages be dynamically loaded by downloading server data in the background.

– And the Back-end programmers must have experience in server-side programming languages say PHP – Zend, Symfony and CakePHP, C#, Ruby, Python and Node.js along with Linux as a development and deployment system. The developers make use of such tools to create clean-coded, web documented web applications.

– Creative, Driven, Imaginative, Emphatic must be the strengths that should lie within a front-end developer while Flexibly Organized, Analytical, Logical, Reasonable of a back-end developer.

And the developer, who knows very well about both front-end and back-end work, is referred as ‘full-stack’ developer. They are like kind of the web world and very rare to find.