UI / UX Course Details

Basics of User Experience
In this section, we cover basics of User Experience (UX) dealing with designing applications and websites that includes color theory, hierarchy, layout and balance.

Tools and Workflows
We emphasize on Photoshop, Axure, Blasamiq prototyping tools that contribute towards becoming an UX/UI professional.

User Flows and Prototyping
Smooth navigation is an important factor in user experience. We focus on creating and revising the user flows eliminating many issues faced by users. Plus, creating prototype also solves such issues if developed before a particular product is to be developed.

Visual Design
Good visual design reflects the UI appeal and underlying user experience and makes your site look good and well balanced.

Web pages are created using HTML tags. We make you friendly with HTML Tags and hence, hands-on experience in writing the HTML code helps in generating UI for websites, mobile and desktop applications.

CSS Classes
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS contributes in styling HTML Tags. High-level understanding and sharp skills is required to become a great UI Developer.

Javascript and JQuery
Javascript is a scripting language that creates create dynamic components in the browser. Jquery, works as an icieng on cake, is a framework built on top of Javascript. JQuery makes it easy for us to write code with lots of ready-made functions available to get the desired output.

Build Elements
A practical module for building UI Elements like: Menus, Forms, Sliders, Responsive Layouts etc

Bootstrap is a sleek front-end framework with a ready made package to build interfaces quick. It helps you build responsive layouts. Therefore, a responsive layout can be built using Bootstrap.

Compatibility is one of the major issues faced by the UI Developer. As there are many browsers that differ in processing HTML, compatibility issues arise. You will get to learn about solving the compatibility issues in this module.

Working with Developers
Understanding what developers need from you to build an application and how to provide them your interface files will sharpen your skills as a designer.


  1. Exploring Photoshop
  2. Getting to Know the Workspace
  3. Photoshop Basics
  4. Painting and Retouching
  5. Creating a Good Image


  1. Getting to Know the Adobe Illustrator Workspace
  2. Illustrator
  3. Adding Color
  4. Working with the Drawing Tools
  5. Exploring Additional Color option
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