Some Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2016

A matter of two months and 2015 will be over. As a matter of fact, technology is evolving at a faster pace and we are leaning towards new trends over and over. The technology is always about a series of questions like what new trend will evolve, out of various trends which one will fit the needs, etc. Let us have a glimpse on what 2016 has, for a designer to make your world colorful.

UX Design Will Rock In 2016

A demand of User Experience (UX) designer has increasing exponentially in the technical world. Organizations are now much aware of the fact that it is the most delicate and important key for the launch of a successful app or product. Designers need to take an initiative with Agile UX process as per an app requirement and then, plan a strategy about how to launch this app to get more hits. It has been predicted that in 2016, a UX designer will make investments into Usability testing and making Usability tools, which Google and Facebook have already started developing.

UI Animation – A Next Big Hit

You might have seen plethora of video bgs, animated gifs and many simpler animated icons in 2015. Hence, in 2016 you will notice more UI animated movements. There will be a huge multiplication of UI animation and an increment in tools for making it develop rapidly.

Responsive Designs

As per the latest Google updates, if your website does not pass the Google Responsive tool, then forget about indexing and ranking your website in Google results. As Google is strictly penalizing those website that are not mobile friendly.

Responsive web designs provide a great sense of pleasure for the users. It makes the well-designed site to navigate through, easily readable, transparent web architecture and intuitive page elements. Depending on the screen’s size, these responsive designs make full use of its features and capabilities to leisure the comfort.

Card Designs Will Change The Scene

As the web pages are the true elements of Internet, the same way card designs will be the hallmark of the smartphones, gadgets and social reign’s. In this world of enhanced technology, there will be huge expansion from wildcards, the mobile card-driven web search tool, to Twitter, Pinterest and much more. In 2016, there will be more utilization of card designs be it a simple web portfolio or Google new visual promotions.

Performance And Speed

Performance and speed will always be the favorite and best elements that needs to be kicked in your web designs. In 2016, more focus will be on faster site loading speed that consumes less bandwidth. This factor is crucially important as the design will be checked by Google Page Speed tool later on before indexing your website. Designers should be concerned about the weight of their site and how to make it interactive with the users.

The Slideshows

Make the highly effective slideshows and banners of proper resolutions and let them speak for you. Use images of high resolutions and make it reachable to your viewers. Such kind of layouts are the designers’ favorite ones and yes, they do give the graceful look.

Don’t Forget The Backgrounds Rule

The background pattern has gained a momentum drive and it will continue in 2016 too. These gradient backgrounds are easily achievable using CSS3 code and this will give an add-on look to the website.