Outdated SEO Tactics That Could Kill Your Website Rankings

If you own an online business, then you must be worried about your website ranking with the relevant keywords. It is the time to ditch your old fashioned SEO techniques and adopt edge cutting techniques for organic traffic to your website. It you are an SEO or content marketing professional, then it is quite easy to update yourself with the latest SEO techniques and which techniques should be not be performed.

According to the Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin with search engines.

Technology and techniques change everyday. So, to make the best out of it, you need to hire the best SEO company that have knowledge of all best SEO techniques in the industry.

This post will list some of the outdated SEO strategies that you should leave behind now:

1. Guest Blogging

One of the best and almost free way to make links is guest blogging on various websites. As there is a possibility that it can lead to spamming of your website link and eventually it will prove to be a useless investment. In fact, Google has convicted this practice and asked not to follow these links.

2. Optimization Of Internal Links Beyond Limits

Excess of keyword stuffing in a content makes it look spammy. In fact, this strategy leads to a penalty of over-optimization. This does not mean that you can not use these keywords ever for anchor text, but just do it in a right way and amount.

3. Links, Links and just Links

SEO is not just about creating inbound and outbound links. It is optimizing your website in a perfect manner so as to rank your website well in search engines. Google punish and spam those website who try to manipulate their rankings with link building and overstuffing of links would spam your website for sure.

4. Meta Tags Only For Search Engines

While writing meta title and description using targeted keywords is the typical method. However, in 2015 and coming years, it will ditch your website ranking. Hence, focus should be on creating convincing meta titles and description that interests audience.

5. Copying Your Competitors

Learning the success formula from your competitors is a good idea, but copying and following them blindly, will only ruin your own business and rank down your search results. It might be possible that the tactics your competitors are using may be beneficial for them and not for you in a way.

Are you aware of new SEO techniques or still using the old ones?