Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation ManagementIt is surveyed that millions of people are sharing their views daily about the brand they follow and people share their good experiences, but more willing to share their less friendly experiences about a particular brand on social networking sites.

Online Reputation Management, is monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand around the Internet world, as defined by Wikipedia.

Getting some negative reviews or low-star rating about your brand or service can send your everlasting customers to your competitor websites.

It has been found that 50.2 million users look for News or search online, 59.2 million users visit Google, 61% consumers search online and 43% search for expert opinions, articles reviews before purchasing any product or brand. So, it is very important to repute your brand online in a very positive manner else there is a full possibility that you can lose your potential customers.

Some of the most common problems that companies and brands have to face:

  • Negative reviews on Google or Yelp
  • Negative search results on Google
  • Negative news, articles or blogs by any of your former customer or employee.
  • Complaints on or any social networking site.

Our professionals will examine online negative information that is damaging your online reputation on Google, directories, review sites, blogs, forums, videos and images. What we do is we use some online tools to analyse what actually happened and what we can do further to make your reputation online positively. Social networking sites help alot in making online reputation an ongoing effort.