Online Marketing: Myth Vs Shocking Reality

Do you own a website for your business? If you have, does it helps in generating leads for you? Do you get contacted by your customers/visitors as they found you online? In case they don’t then there must be some problem in your strategies that is stopping them to find you and land at your website.

However, you must have realized till date that there is a need to do some form of online marketing to make your online presence reachable. It could be SEO, SMM, E-mail Marketing, Digital Marketing, and many more. If a business is still suffocating, facing failures, the reason is lack of preparation of much-needed strategies to execute your business. Predominance of such myths and misconceptions create such scenario.

Let dive in to some such myths and bring out with their appalling realities:

Myth 1: It takes efforts to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reality: It actually takes smart work to do SEO rather than hard work. All you have to do is SEO your blogs, websites, videos, images, press releases without thinking much. The difficult part is performing these tasks consistently and regularly so get yourself ranked on Google and other search engines and to grab traffic and thus, sales. However, once you enter the scenario of creating content and doing SEO for your customers, the more you will start loving it.

Myth 2: A Secret Magic or Formula

Reality: As I have told in #1, Online marketing is about creation of content and its marketing than any other magical formula, that will make traffic to your website. If you do this on regular basis, no matter what, I assure you with 100% guarantee that you will be able to generate leads for your website. People who run after finding formula to get themselves rank are simply wasting their time. As we know that Online marketing is evolving speedily and Google also come with its updates everyday,. If you keep your pace along with these Google updates, you will rule in the results.

Myth 3: E-mail Marketing is not effective

Reality: Email marketing is one of the most effective way to market your products and services. You can do email marketing campaign by using content skills in the form of a blog posts, videos, and articles. If you succeed in doing email marketing campaign, then it will empower your customer relationship and makes good revenue. In case you face a failure, then it affects the business negatively.

Myth 4. Social Media Marketing is certainly Free

Reality: The reality is that social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to be used by everyone. But there is another reality that also exists – one has to invest the time and resources which do demand money. Social media does need resources to generate that amount of revenue and achieve success. But when you do it wisely, you are successful in establishing a strong customer relationship with your organic followers and audiences.

Time to get over these myths. Instead, spend time in making efforts doing smart work using SEO and SMM techniques.