Must-Know Image Optimization Tips: SEO

Everyone knows that visual content is the king and is ruling the SEO world. Whether you run a WordPress blog or an online shopping store, image optimization is a skill, you must master. It plays an important part in making your online business successful.

Do you ever got nightmares regarding the following:

  • Why Google never show up your product photos, when you do image search?
  • Will addition of “Alt Tags” make changes?
  • What is the major difference between JPEG, GIF and PNG?

In order not to face these issues in real, there is an urgent need to optimize images, not just for the website, but from SEO perspective too.

Fortunately, it is easier to perform image optimization. How? Here, it is:

Must Have A Good Title
A good title must be given to your image while uploading it on your site. Provide it with a good brief description about what the image is. Do not forget to include relevant keyword in your so as to increase its SEO effective.

Alt Tag To An Image
Alt Tag is a very important tag from SEO perspective that is read by Google. This tag helps a lot while overall indexing of a webpage.

A Good Caption
As we want our visitors/audience to explore our website for a long time that results in increased CRO. For that, we need to focus on the caption that a description requires. It is a necessity to make our visitors understand about website images via good captions.

A Descriptive Filename
Before uploading an image, pick up a sensible filename that describes about an image relatively – prefer a filename with a keyword or keyword phrase you want your image to rank for as it will help in search engine rankings.

Big File Size – A Bad Option
As page speed matters a lot. Right? Right.

So, to confirm that your images don’t invalidate your page loading speed, make your image size as small as possible, but not at the cost of its quality. Do make a compatibility between image size and quality. As an image with big size can lower down your page speed which can frustrate your visitors.

Perform a Good SEO
After a proper optimization of your website images, it should be shared on web and other social platforms. Sharing on social networking sites will generate more leads, visitors, increase conversion rate and hence, fruitful.

If you are spending quality time in making an appealing website and blogs, in that case do not forget to optimize your images for maximum benefits in search engine results.