Latest Mobile App Development Trends

After a recent survey, a forecast has been made by Statista that by the end of 2015, approximately $45.4 billion of revenue will be earned from the mobile app stores throughout the globe due to growing success and active use of mobile applications.

From WordPress blogging sites to E-commerce shopping sites, everything has adopted the anatomy of an app. The world has turned itself to app maniac. It is even not surprising as not only smartphones, but our cars and watches are full of applications. In fact, apps play a master role in our lives and have become a prime way to interact with brands.

Now coming forward to match-up with the latest trending demands, mobile app development industry is robust and evolving at a very rapid rate.

1. Swift Mobile Development

Enterprises are facing a tough challenge matching up the demands of mobile apps. With the growing demand of mobile apps, companies ranging from small business to large enterprises are working to their best level so as to launch their mobile apps as fast as they can. The main point of mobile app developers is to focus on how to reduce the time frame between creation of ideas to the launch of an app.

2. Cloud Driven

Since the year 2015 has started, the era of mobile app has also begun swiftly and is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. The cloud technology has been playing a very key role in mobile app development and is expected to continue also. With the increase in use of mobile devices, the developers will have to continue to focus on how to integrate and synchronize their apps on these multiple devices. And it is the Cloud Driven technology that is enabling developers to develop apps that can be accessible on multiple devices with the same functionalities.

3. Battle of iOS and Android has become more Aggressive

Both the technologies – iOS and Android is leading the market and has developed an intense presence everywhere. In fact, since the start of 2015, the battle between these two platforms has become more ferocious, which is turning to be good news for app developers and their increasing demand. Though Apple has more glossy user interface, brilliant music apps, reliability, flexibility, app store, but Android has worked very hard and is still doing its best to be in the era.

4. Better User Experience

Aiming for better user experience will remain the key driver in the upcoming time. Competition will continue to be more tough due to increase in demand of mobile apps and released to the stores on a daily basis. Analytical data will help developers to create better user experience apps.

Mobile apps have a key role in the digital landscape and will continue to be pervading platform.