IOS 12 Brings Wonders to Apple Devices

The unveiling of iOS 12 came up with amazing and all new features designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience much faster, more responsive and more delightful. Every individual begins and ends their day with their mobile phones. Apple has launched an ever-evolving iOS 12 with handy and exciting features. It is compatible with all Apple devices which support iOS 11.

Keeping up with the pace and expectations of the users, the release of iOS 12 has the following features:

  • Notifications module- This feature served as a great improvement as it incorporated options for ‘Group Notifications’, ‘Instant Tuning’ which allows the user to get notifications silently without any disturbance, option for ‘Critical Alerts’ for the most important notifications which you receive even during Do Not Disturb.

  • Screen Time- We are glued to our mobile phones almost for the whole day not realising the amount of time we are spending surfing gadgets.

IOS 12 has come up with a brilliant feature, which allows you to keep a check on the overuse of smartphones. With this feature you can monitor the amount of time you are spending on a particular app and even parents can fix specific hours for their children in order to restrict the excessive usage of particular non-essential applications.

  • Extended Battery Life- iOS 12 has increased the battery life of the devices stupendously as well as the overall performance of the phone and its key functions.

  • Do Not Disturb- Users can set up specific hours for the Do Not Disturb option to start and end-automatically in an hour, on leaving a particular location or even at the end of a meeting.

  • Measuring App- An amazing feature to measure the objects around you by scanning the images or surfaces horizontally as well as vertically with the help of iPhone or iPad Camera.

  • Privacy & Security- The most important feature of iOS 12 with the enhanced functionality of privacy and security in all Apple devices include password sharing, store strong passwords automatically, autofill the security codes etc.

  • Siri updates- As Siri learns your routine, it starts giving you suggestions for the things you do more frequently at exactly the same time as before on your locked screens. You can also add shortcuts to Siri in order to run Siri with your voice command as well as Find my iPhone or iPad with Siri.

  • Group FaceTime- With this feature, you can add a number of recipients to the face time call and use all the camera effects available.

IOS 12 has come up with numerous amazing features other than those mentioned above to explore and enjoy. So if you are wondering why your phone has started bugging you about an update, its due to the launch of iOS 12 which is worth upgrading.