Impact Of Wearable Technology On Ecommerce Businesses

Wearable technology will rule the technology in the coming future that will change your lifestyle drastically. It is the most talked technical term in the recent times. When we talk of wearable technology, we refer to wearable gadgets that are embedded with smart sensors, a web connection that are able to connect to your smartphones or other wireless devices which do not even require human intervention. A lot of wearable other than smarphones are available in the market including sports watches, smart watches, fitness activity trackers, smart glasses and much more.

Wearables tie a very strong relationship with Internet of Things and it has changed our way of interacting with people of real and virtual worlds.

As per the forecast made by Gartner, The total economic value-add from IoT across industries will reach $1.9 trillion worldwide in 2020. Wearables are even expected to outstrip Smartphone’s and Tablets in the coming years!

Wearables add a valuable value to the Ecommerce business. Let us consider a case of wearable glasses in the market that have sensors and cameras which can track many things like how many times an employee in a store have to bend to pick up commodities for managing orders and others.

If you are in digital marketing field, then it is the time to acknowledge the impact of wearable technology on your e-commerce business. Let’s binge:

Master Of Email Game Changer

Though these wearable devices are very handy and small in size, still they help us in sending and receiving emails. It can be seen that 1.7 inch of smartwatch screen is approximately one-fifth of a standard smartphone screen and it has ability to facilitate operating emails.

Smartwatches allow you to perform multiple tasks – make and receive calls, music apps, send and receive emails. It is considered as one of the handy tools that helps in updating your customers regularly with various updates like price change, marketing your products using ads, etc.


With wearable technology in our lives, people will be able to directly walk at nearest physical store and updates could be sent to them based on their exact Geo-targeting. The personalized notifications will also be based as per their demands, requirements and shopping habits. This will help in creating their best buying personal experience.

It will be a beneficial feature for retailers as it helps in storing payment information. In fact, marketing scholars affirm that these wearable devices are embed with sensors that enable computers to fetch data from a wearable tech if it is in range.

Download An Ecommerce App

Wearables enable to keep you updated with your apps and notifications quicker. The market is quipped with number of wearable that allows you to download third party apps, Ecommerce apps and the list is never ending. Not only this, these devices also notify you with the location-based offers and discounts.

Hence, with the availability of wearable in the market, online retailers has now the new tool to make maximum profit out of their business. In the upcoming future, this technology develop to a greater extent and certainly it has something big in the world of Ecommerce.