How Programming Languages are Similar to Superheroes?

Have you even wonder? If (Programming languages == Superheroes)

Most of us are a hard core fan of superheroes, their unique style and odd, but perfect character. But what if programming languages be superheroes, who they would be?

1. Lisp: Professor X

What is it? Is it code data or data code? Is it really confused or simply a straight question to answer? Well, if you go in depth, you will be able to find an easy connection by an abstract syntax tree (AST). It has an amazing metaphysical plane of presence and emphasizes on a peaceful message that all data and code can co-exist. But sadly only a few people know its worth and appreciate it.

2. Assembly: Hulk

Like Hulk, Assembly has no limits and comes at a heavy cost, therefore you have to deal with it yourself. It is so powerful like a long gun that carries heavy burden all the day long. Like Hulk, do not make it angry else it will scream “Assembly Crash” on your computer screen and destroy it.

3. Python: Batman

Batman is known for saving his city from criminals and we can not deny that it can be done only by a mastermind. Similarly, Python has a dusky past too, but it has a real power and it’s character always remains under the cover. With a vast library that is not so much about programming as Python handles itself.

4. PHP: The Joker

Like the Joker, PHP programmers are twisted minds that they are never understood. Compeering into PHP code is like directly getting in to the world of darkness. But once you get into this darkness of PHP, it will stare back at you. It is a mixture of all logic and madness at one place, but you never know maybe PHP is just ahead of the curve?

5. C++: RoboCop

C language is known for its simple concepts, but a decisive accident with OOP to make it faster and easier result in C++. Though C++ is a blessing, but it also resulted in creation of a few things like protected abstract virtual base. And if you work hard and master in C++, then it will all yours to be commanded.

6. Ruby: IronMan

Like IronMan, Ruby has a story of its origin in a cave by a single man called Matz, who used simple tools and best ideas from other languages, but ended up just creating chaos all together. We can not deny that it has a simple origin. Ruby is acknowledged as a neurokinetic nanoparticle morphological language that has a great potential in it.

7. QCL: Goku Super Saiyan

This programming language will take us to the greater heights in the coming future. It is a high level, architecture independent programming language for quantum computers, with a syntax derived from classical procedural languages like C or Pascal that allows complete implementation and simulation of quantum algorithms in one consistent formalism.