Effective Content Marketing Strategies – Best Practices

Statistics have surveyed and shown that nearly 95% of B2B enterprise marketers and 85% of B2C marketers are making use of content marketing as the most powerful weapon to fulfill their business needs and requirements.

One of the factors strengthening the fact about incredible content marketing in the upcoming years is that 78% of COM’s firmly believe that custom content is the strong future of the marketing industry.

Fundamentally, content marketing is all about providing authenticate information to your customers with a motive that leads to success. One of the important asset is to put your marketing efforts at right place gives you the satisfactory results and success. Content plays a key role in gaining leads, building potential customers and their trust, maintaining relations with your customers and therefore, becoming the thought leader in your industry.

Irrespective of the fact that there is no certain strategy for content marketing, but worked perfectly. Let us overview:

Tip #1: Select Your ‘Niche’ Smartly

It is really important to be selective while choosing a niche, know what your readers exactly want and then create useful, meaningful content to share among specific groups. Therefore, you have to be updated to share your content and let those people visit to read your stuff over and over again. All this hard work works for you and brings you in limelight for sharing your content among your friends, readers and co-workers.

Tip #2: Priority To Your Audience

After you have selected your desired niche, then comes a step where you have to plan a smart strategy of how to reach your desired audience. It should be quite effective to leave an impact on your readers. Let us go through some series of questions for DIY session.

– What should be your target for implementing your content marketing?

– What should be your audience reaction after reading your content?

– Where you want to head them after they complete reading your content?

– How to proceed further?

– How to make them visit again?

So, these are some questions that needs a definite answer.

Tip #3: Visual Content Presentation

Visual content brings graceful results. Creating original visual content for your brand leaves a very strong impression on your readers/viewers. Latest studies have found that content with images grab 94% of the traffic more than the simple content.

To engage audience in your content is crucial. Offer high quality images to tell a story certainly opens a way for you and drives more clicks and conversions. You can prove many points with visual content what your audience basically wants. Go for videos, GIF, music.

Tip #4: Perfect Use Of Social Media

In this social media reign, you can totally sense the strong presence of social media everywhere. With the innumerable audience on social media sites, you can analyze the best opportunity out of it and persuade your audience to buy something from online business. Right content is the key to social media marketing. Keep it straightforward and interesting. Social profiles should be used intelligently for the customer engagement.

Tip #5: Some Additional Content Marketing Strategies

– Make appropriate use of customer’s experience in the form of testimonials to highlight your brand.

– Publish valuable content consistently to get yourself noticed.

– Emphasize on A/B split testing.

– Know your targets and goals.

It is very important to measure your efforts towards your targets and estimate ROI. It is very important to understand how to function in your area and earn benefits.