database_02Databases are the heart of any application. Heart must function flawlessly for a good health. Similarly, for a software, database works as a lifeline and stays responsible for processing all front end back end user queries to produce desired results on the user interface.

Now days, database driven applications are being developed in various sectors and another segment to handle large databases is – big data concept where NoSQL concepts are used other than normal RDBMS concepts.

We, at Talentelgia Technologies, have potentially used both types of database structures, i.e. RDBMS as well as NoSQL.

Depending upon technologies and frameworks, our team have used multiple databases such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Sqlite, Coredata, cloud databases of Amazon, Backspace and NoSQL database such as MongoDb etc.



We have worked as a technical business partner with various individuals, start ups, established businesses as well as enterprises.

Industries which we have served with database driven applications include – healthcare, e-commerce, SAAS based ERPs, survey based portals, ad campaigns and analytical portals, business intelligence applications, data mining and data moderation social media portals etc.

We have delivered such software solutions to our global customers based in USA, Australia, Europe, gulf countries and now in India also.


database_03Talentelgia Technologies understands the need of database performance, security and data management. Hence we have always focused on writing optimised database queries, performing database normalisation, writing data mining, data aggregation, data manipulation and data analytics algorithms to ensure developing high scale enterprise level applications.