Best Ways To Protect An E-commerce Website From Hacking

It has been surveyed by Forbes that there are 30,000 websites are being hacked everyday on an average basis and Ashley Madison is the recent big example. The hackers have started targeting on e-commerce websites now because easily accessible information such as customer’s credentials stored in company’s server database could help in earning hackers many dollars.

Such kind of hacking are generally carried out to deteriorate the website’s reputation. Such cyber crimes are not just limited to large organizations, but now have also started targeting startup E-commerce firms. Hence, protection of e-commerce business and its customer’s credentials has become a priority and the main concern in the Internet world and it plays the vital role in bettering website’s conversion rate.

Let us explore some of the common threats and solutions to get rid of them.

Secure E-commerce Platform

There are numerous e-commerce platforms available for developing online shopping portals and out of them, you need to choose the most trustworthy platform that uses the high-tech, advanced object oriented programming language. Along with this, also use a complex password for your admin panel so that it could not be easily cracked by hackers. Also, do not forget to change the admin path instead of choosing a default admin path.

Make Use Of Two Factor Authentications

This Two Factor Authentications has an advantage that it is the only trusted source that can access the admin’s backend. It also asks for general security code along with username and password. This is what makes impossible for hackers to gain access/control to admin’s backend.


Make sure you come with fully secured security so that cyber criminals could not trespass in to your network and access every information in any way. Also, also additional walls of security to some applications such as contact form, login forms and much more.

Regular Update Of E-commerce Software

Never miss out to update your e-commerce software whenever the latest version comes out as the latest version always gets released with more security issues than the previous updates. Magento is one of the platforms/firms that sends notifications to its customers about the latest version along with personalized emails encouraging them to install the latest security patch also.

Use Extensions With Trusted License

When developing an e-commerce site using such e-commerce softwares like Magento, there are strong chances that you would be invited to install and use third party extensions as there are extensively available online. Use of any unauthorized extension makes a way for hackers to infuse in to your site. Hence, make an absolute research of extension before integrating them in to your online shopping site.