Applications of Augmented Reality

Applications Of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been a hot topic in the software development world over a number of years but could have been implemented properly only when the smartphones came equipped with the GPS, camera, etc. for AR to come into reality.

When we talk about AR, we refer to technology that overlays information on real-world scenes to make a new artificial environment. It seems to be an interesting way to render real-world information and present it in an interactive way to become a part of the real world. In 2017, ARKit by Apple and ARCore by Google for Android were released as powerful tools to create AR applications.

Let us see some of the areas where AR technology has got everyone heads over heels.

Health care/Medical Equipment

The AR technology has dived into the art of performing complex surgeries with ease and removing the risks associated with an operation by having improved sensory perceptions. From MRI equipment to delving into the human body in a 3D format AR has the potential to boost the effectiveness of medical training as well as the overall health care sector.


AR is being used to develop real-time 3D games with the help of recent advances in computer power and technology. ‘Pokemon GO’ is a perfect example of AR games as the way it combined the real world with the Pokemon characters.


AR can provide a fun and immersive learning experience for students of all ages with such apps being developed including the real world curriculum. While tablets have become common in many schools and learning centers, the teachers and educators are now moving towards adoption of AR technology apps to give a new learning experience to the students.

Retail sector

If you want to look at how a piece of furniture placed at a furniture store looks at your home, you can have a real feel before you buy with the help of AR apps. In today’s world retailers use their smartphones for the customers to compare and view the product with full satisfaction.


Though technology has gone a long way in advancing the tourism industry, it has much to cover ahead. The AR technology being used in the tourism apps get you through an overview of the place you are going to for a vacation before booking any tickets. With this, AR commands at making bookings for vacations as well as selling trips on the whole much easier.

To tap the huge market and the growing potential of augmented reality, people need to be more aware of the uses and applications of the same. We at Talentelgia Technologies are skilled and dedicated to building diverse and bespoke AR solutions for our clients and view the product as one would in real life.