An Introduction to ARCore

Many technical experts and enthusiasts think that Google’s ARCore is just an answer to Apple’s ARKit which is not at all the case. However, Google and Apple have always been ahead of one another in putting constant efforts to surpass one another in the field of new and innovative technologies.
Augmented Reality has emerged as one of the main points of evolving technology for which most of the technical world is busy evaluating the same. Though announced a couple of years back, AR became mainstream when Apple decided to make this concept available on SmartPhones.

ARCore is basically Google’s platform which works on 3 major technologies to super-impose computer generated image in the real world for building augmented reality experiences. ARCore performs the two main tasks i.e. tracks the position of the mobile device as it moves and connects with the real world by building its own understanding.
It uses different APIs which enables your phone to sense the environment, understand the world and interact with information where Android has already been at the front in case of Augmented Reality.

Let’s see what’s so great about ARCore which would attract the developers in the real world:
• Motion tracking which allows the phone to understand and track its position relative to the world. It also observes the feature points of the surrounding space in order to determine the position and orientation of the device.
• Environmental understanding allows the phone to observe and detect the size and location of all types of surfaces such as horizontal, vertical etc.
• Light estimation meaning thereby to estimate the current lighting conditions and enhancing the appearance

Now that we understand how ARCore helps in enhancing the development of more collaborative and immersive AR apps, we can say that it is no less than Apple’s ARKit. ARCore is designed to work on a wide variety of Android smartphones using Android 7.0 and further advanced updates.
Since Android is the world’s largest operating system in the world, ARCore focuses on bringing the Augmented Reality Experience to as much android devices as possible. As it does not require any special device or software, information is transferred to the application with the help of a camera and some sensors to track user’s information. This provides huge opportunities for the applications to incorporate AR functionality to their smartphone devices.