Adoption of LAMP Technology And Its Benefits

Lamp is an acronym of four open-source components and it explains a web architecture.

Linux – an operating system

Apache – HTTP Server

MySQL – Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

PHP – Programming Language

Perl or Python can be used in place of PHP, but we mostly prefer PHP as it is easy to learn and web development speed is faster.


1. Easy To Code:

Developers love to code on LAMP as it is comparatively bug free and time relaxing. Developers find it easy to code with PHP and MySQL.

2. Easy to Deploy:

It is the deployment factor of a web application that is little tricky, especially when the programming language does not easily integrated with server and database. But, in case of LAMP, no such problem occurs as PHP is an open source programming and this makes it feasible to expand LAMP web applications.

3. Cost Factor:

As every layer in LAMP stack is open source, therefore the project can be achieved with effective development and hardware costs. So, at initial level, startup costs can be cut down. Moreover , there are many other open source projects are available in LAMP stack such as Joomla, Drupal, OS Commerce and many more. Chose a suitable open source option , customize and deploy a project depending upon the requirements. This brings project cost further down.

Why LAMP Technology Is The Best

Fundamentally, LAMP is a perfect combination of four open-source platforms that develops online portals which is supported by every browser successfully.

As Internet is gaining its popularity with the time and so obvious, complications will also come along. So, to overcome these complications, an urge to develop appealing online portals rise. Here, comes the LAMP technology in the scenario. LAMP is the best option to opt for so as to gain control over your developed website in which further changes can also be done, if needed.

Founded in 2013, LAMP technology has achieved over 245 projects with a successful clients worldwide.

How Does LAMP Process Works

LAMP is remarkably focused towards Web applications that follows a very straightforward architecture. It begins with Linux that forwards HTTP connections to Apache. Then, Apache directly serves static content from Linux kernel. Further, Apache forwards dynamic pages to PHP that uses it code to design the page. Now, database queries are sent to MySQL through PHP and admin section is handled through phpMyAdmin. Furthermore, every management system can manage an HTTP server, Apache and operating system – Linux.

Web Applications Using LAMP Technology:

In the coding world, we have been extensively using the following technologies in LAMP projects especially in web 2.0 websites:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Large scale enterprise app development
  • B2B and B2C based services
  • Social networking sites
  • CMS Developmemt
  • LAMP Server Development
  • Online reservation systems
  • Third Party Integrations Services
  • CRM applications and much more…

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